#IssaSavage Re: Issa Rae Cares About Black People

Queues up “FUBU” by Solange. Shout out to Will Johnson! 

Dear Issa,
You embody and personify everything I knew deep down that I wanted to be as a young girl, but was too afraid to be because I was a young girl.

You are fearless and talented and every time I consume something that you are a part of or have created, it makes my heart swell with pride. Once Webster decides to add the term “black Girl Magic” to it’s current inventory, I am sure that your image along with countless other beautiful brown women will be utilized as a reference.

When I first discovered Awkward Black Girl on YouTube, I was completely and totally obsessed. I self identify as a weird and awkward black woman and have for many years now. I used to see it as a debilitation and would try to hide and change who I was to fit in with what I thought was popular. I stifled my dreams because I felt like I didn’t have what it took and was scared of looking like a failure if I didn’t succeed. 

That was years ago. I was a young girl. Now I’m an old girl who knows better and I still have dreams. I would be lying if I said that I still don’t feel apprehensive, BUT seeing women like you, Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Cardi B, Jackie Aina, Nikki Wilson, Lauren and Haille Young, Ayonna Hammond, Robin G Poetry, Yolanda Walker, Ebonee Hackett, Deven Daughtry, and countless others pursuing their dreams with passion it inspires me and amazes me. 

Thank you, Issa. Thank you for being who you are unapologetically. Thank you for daring to chase your dreams. Thank you for letting us enjoy your art. Thank you for letting us see your vulnerabilities and for being a beacon of hope for other Awkward Black Girls like myself. But most importantly, thank you for being  unfiltered, real, and raw and for speaking on behalf of 99.9% of all of US during your red carpet interview Sunday night at the Emmy’s. 

You didn’t say a lot, you didn’t have to- but what you did say I felt within every fiber of my soul. I felt it to my fucking core. I felt it in every strand of my kinky hair.  It was literally THE blackest moment at the Emmy’s or any other awards show that I’ve ever seen. I am sure that at the very moment when you said what you said *Ne Ne Leaks voice* that all the ancestors in the afterlife stopped 2 stepping to Earth Wind and Fire and smiled down upon you. You did it for the culture. You did it for all the people who work regular 9-5’s for companies that rarely stand up for social injustices. You did it for every kid who’s ever been 1 of like 10 other black students at their school or team activity. You did it for all of us who only watch sports like ice skating and gymnastics during the Olympic seasons to cheer for our people. You did it for all the people who know exactly why Colin Kaepernick took that damn knee and know exactly why he still has no job in the NFL. You did it for all of the teachers that are working off the clock to make sure these babies have a chance to be successful in these fucked up school systems. You did it for Obama when he was in office those 8 years. You did it for all of the black people at HBO right now who feel fucked up and conflicted because of the show Confederate. In short, you did that for us and we love you for it.

Thank you❤️

#PettyAF Re: Bryson Tiller

So last night was the final show of Bryson Tiller’s “Set it Off” tour and to say he received a hometown hero’s welcome and gave one of the greatest shows that Louisville has ever seen would be an understatement.

Now, before we go any further, let me just say that I was not in attendance. I could go on and on and make a million excuses as to why I didn’t attend, but the bottom line is that I am guilty of not supporting a hometown artist.

This morning, after viewing huge chunks of the concert via Snap and IG, I saw a meme that basically said that when major celebs come out with merch or projects we support them, BUT when it comes to friends and people in our community we are no where to be seen. When I first saw it, I was like “ugggh not another one of those bullshit crabs in a barrel memes that people who don’t appeal to me are trying to convict me with”. I was quick to just shrug it off as not being the case most of the time and that people can’t be mad when their art doesn’t speak to everyone, after all art is subjective.

Photo from @sydney.m.gee on Instagram

With that being said I LOVE MUSIC. I was raised on music and it remains a very vital part of my life and well being. I am also 40 and not in the same generation as a lot of these new and emerging  r & b and hip hop artists. I won’t lie and say a lot of them appeal to me, because they don’t. I don’t understand what they’re saying a lot of times and the lyrics aren’t what I prefer to spend my free time listening to. However,  I’d definitely be lying if I said that I didn’t like Bryson Tiller…beacause I love that little boy. *Vera from Harlem Night’s voice*

From the first time I heard “Don’t” I knew that I was a fan. Being a huge but reluctant at first Drake fan, Bryson’s sing song rap flow aka Trapsoul style falls right in line with some of my favorite millennial artists. I thoroughly enjoyed his freshmen album, “Trapsoul” as  well as his sophomore one, “True to Self” and I appreciate his consistency and ability to stay true to his style 2 albums in a row.

Then there’s H.E.R. aka Gabi Wilson (even though she will never confess to it). She’s had 2 albums Vol 1 and Vol 2 equaling a total of like 50 minutes of music and I cannot get enough of her voice and her lyrics. The girl is TALENTED!

Multi-talented. She sings, writes, and plays instruments. And she is phenomenal at all of these things. I do not know if she is classically trained or self taught, but I do know that she plays the piano and also the guitar well…actually very, very well. And she was part of the Set it Off tour with Tiller and also Metro Boomin. THE Metro Boomin. The one that IF HE DON’T TRUST YOU, YOU CAN WIND UP SHOT. That Young Metro.


So when I was asked about whether I was going to the concert,  I had just spent way too much money on K Dot and was like, “nah I can’t afford it, Christmas is coming, I’m moving, I’ll be the oldest person there, I don’t want to get shot, blah, blah, blah.” Even though I really, really wanted to go, I talked myself out of it. Truthfully, I didn’t really have any business spending anything on any concerts because I was moving and needed ALL of my money.


Then 4:44 came out.

I got ticket to that concert, it’s not til November.

And I hadn’t even seen Kendrick yet.

The 4:44 ticket was more than I would have spent on Bryson’s concert.

I have seen Jay Z SEVERAL times and really could have missed this one.

But let me tell you how God works…

So I’m at home last night minding my business being EXTRA jealo of anyone at the concert when I get this text.

Come to find out, not only did Bryson Tiller, Metro, and H.E.R. give one hell of a show, but the special GUESTS- with 2 s’s- were

Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. 

The same niggas I just went and paid too much for to see in Atlanta. 

Them niggas.

Talk about karma?? Well, not really karma…but yeah karma! All of us not willing to support Bryson for whatever weak ass reason we had while we were supporting everybody else  missed one hell of an opportunity to see a great show! I spent money and time to travel to a different state to see artists (whom I LOVE) but couldn’t take my ass to the Yum Center to see another artists that I claim to love FROM LOUISVILLE. And from the footage I saw on Snapchat, KDot and Travis did MULTIPLE  songs each. Like…this cannot be my life. Can it??? Mmm. Mmm. Mmmm. *In my old aunty voice* The only thing that would have made it worse is if Jay Z was the special guest.

So now as I sit here, mad at myself, I’m really feeling convicted by that damn meme. Usually when I see it, it’s posted by some “comedian” or “singer” that I’m just not into so I don’t feel guilty, but this time it’s just fitting.

But what’s more fitting is that Bryson Tiller managed to sell out the Yum Center with a hip hop/r and b concert, a feat that not even Beyoncé could pull off AND that says A LOT because Beyoncé sells out EVERYWHERE.

And to all the haters who thought that Bryson couldn’t do it, he made them eat their words.


Congratulations on selling out the Yum Center, Bryson! May your success continue and your talent flourish❤️

Well played, sir. Well played.

Lesson learned. I will not miss the next one. I promise.

 #thisbitchisshakingthetable Re: Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is applying pressure out in these pro cosmetics streets! 

I have seen no less than 3 other major lines boast about their shade ranges since her launch and the Petty Betty in me just sips my tea and cackles at their weak attempts at shade. What they fail to realize because they are  tone deaf and color blind, is that their lines fall short mostly due to their inability to create the in between shades that have different under tones. Women of color can be the same shade of brown with different undertones- we have cools/neutrals/and warms just like everyone else. There have only been a few cosmetics lines to get it right over time and even then their overall formula may not be ideal. But that hasn’t been the case for Fenty so far. Not only is it being praised for its inclusiveness, but also for its incredible wear which is due to an amazing formulation.

I could post link after link of positive reviews but I don’t have time so here are a few…




The beauty industry as a whole continues to fail us, ONE OF THEIR MOST LOYAL CUSTOMERS, (LOOK IT UP IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME) because they see us as monolithic AND most importantly, because we let it- go into any long established hair/beauty store in the hood and see how you’re treated as a reference. 

I am beyond happy and excited for Rihanna’s new venture for so many reasons, but mainly because I feel more confident giving my coin to someone who actually is TRYING, LISTENING, and SUCCEEDING at making an all inclusive line that has WOC as their focal point. Plus she’s a bad ass bitch making shit happen- that’s always a plus in my book.


Bran Stark is Not Letting His Disability Stop Him… From Being a Fuckboy


Any one who watches Game of Thrones knows that Brandon Stark has been crippled since season 1.

If you don’t remember how he became this way, let me refresh your memory…

Like many kids, his bad ass was always doing  the exact opposite of what his mom would tell him to do. Everyday Catelyn would tell the lil nigga to stop climbing on shit before he got hurt, but he didn’t listen. I cannot quite remember verbatim what she said but it was something like, “Quit muthafuckin climbin on every gawt damn thing because if yo ass falls I ain’t going to no damn hospital!”


Well one day, while he was being hard headed and climbing up the tower thinking he was Spiderman, he stumbled across Jamie and Cersei Lannister having sex. Shook, Jamie did what anyone would have done in that scenario and pushed Bran’s lil ass out the window hundreds of feet to the ground.


Fortunate-ish for Bran, he didn’t die but he did lose the full function of both legs. It’s like my grandmother used to say, a hard head makes a soft ass.


I’m pretty sure in Catelyn’s head she was thinking, “I told you so” but good mothers do not verbalize such thoughts to their kids from fear of being called a bad person.

Fast forward 6 seasons into season 7 and we have Bran as the 3 Eyed Raven. Basically the 3 Eyed Raven is an all seeing and all knowing being in the Game of Thrones world that can see past, present, and future events. (Read more about it here.) Sounds pretty cool and useful right? Jon Snow’s little brother has the ability to see everything and know everything at a very critical time for the Starks and all of the 7 Kingdoms. One huge part that I did not mention is that the 3 Eyed Raven has a connection to the Knight King that no one else does, which again, makes Bran’s new found super powers more important and useful than ever in this point of the story.


When Bran was initially learning to become the Raven, he learned the identity of Jon Snow’s real father. After he became the full fledged, real deal Holyfield HNIC he learned EVERYTHING.

And I mean EVERY. THING.

Besides getting Hodor and Summer killed in season 6, Bran’s Fuckbydom has reached it’s meta stage here in season 7.

It started with him coming back home to Winterfell and giving Sansa an extremely lukewarm response to their reunion.


He didn’t even hug her back.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, he hit her with the “I been shot in the head, baby. My body different. I’m breathin different. You understand what I’m sayin? The doctor said I wasn’t gonna walk the same. You understand what I’m sayin? I’m out.”


Shout out to Teddy D at The Why Not Podcast for bringing this next one up!

And then later in the Godswood when he is with Sansa recounting her wedding night to Ramsey and complimenting her on how she looked and what she wore…right before she was raped. Like…come on. Who does this? You have the ability to see all things and know all things AND YET you think it is completely ok to have your sister relive her rape and torture just so you can prove that you are God-like?? He couldn’t have used ANY other example here?


Then every other time that he didn’t tell anyone who Jon was or send a raven to him or tell them more pertinent information about anything useful.

He could have gotten Littlefinger the fuck up outta Winterfell from jump since he knows who truly helped to conspire against his father. He could have told both Arya and Sansa to keep them from any impending disputes.

Like the time on episode 4 ‘The Spoils of War’ when Littlefinger gave Bran the dagger that tried to kill him. Bran told Arya and Sansa about it in a secret meeting. However, the meeting was not for him to question the whys and motives of Littlefinger, but for him to give one of his sisters the dagger because “it would be wasted on a cripple”.


Arya and Sansa were so confused about why Littlefinger had a Valyrian Steel dagger and its origins BUT YET Bran just sat there like he didn’t just say “chaos is a ladder” to Littlefinger 5 minutes before KNOWING FULL AND DAMN WELL WHAT WAS UP!


He could also tell all of the soldiers of the Vale what really happened to Lady Arryn and that she and Littlefinger killed Jon Arryn!!!


There are literally so many helpful tips that he could give but the most he will say or do is speak in codes and keep his mouth closed until he sees Jon.


He is SOOOOOOO annoying. The ultimate fuckboy.


He is literally the emo kid of the family that knows shit but he’s super cryptic and his failure to tell what he knows will have more dire consequences.

Also, this is hilarious!!







Game of Thrones Loves to Romanticize Incest and It’s Pretty Fucking Gross

Transparency: I watched the leaked Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 6 and I am not sorry, at all. At this point, fuck the writers, show runners, and anyone else who is in collusion with making ‘Confederate’ a thing.

This post isn’t about that episode though. This is not a spoiler…this is a rant.

Can I just say that it doesn’t surprise me that Benioff and Weiss are really trying to ship this Jonearys…Jon + Danearys…relationship on Game of Thrones KNOWING that they’re related?? There’s so much fan fic about it and it seriously makes my skin crawl. Although it is said in the books that Dany’s (and Jon’s) family likes to keep it in the family so…uggghhh.

(If you’re new to Thrones or have been living under a rock and haven’t yet read all of the necessary conspiracies click here for the reference.) The only thing that would make these fuck faces they keep exchanging not so disgusting is if we all find out that it wasn’t Jon from Bran’s vision, or if we find out that Jon’s dad isn’t who we think he is.

And really, how fucked up would that be? And at the end of the day, we really can’t be surprised if that’s the angle though. After all, these are the nerds that are over the moon excited about writing a modern day slavery series for HBO called ‘Confederate’. They are also the same ones that are purposefully writing Jamie Lannister (a guy that is in love with FUCKING his twin sister) as a character to somehow cheer for while Cersei is the one that’s made to look batshit. Like…yeah he is sleeping with his sister but look…she killed kids, she’s worse. NO. She’s not worse, they both equally suck!! Hello?? He pushed a kid from a fucking tower all because the kid caught him fucking his sister from behind.


And let’s not forget the time that he damn near date raped her at the coffin of his dead son/nephew so yeah…


The ability of them to continue to vilify Cersei while making Jamie into this literal Knight in Shining armor is also a lot gross. He gets to have comical lines and has moments where he is the “voice of reason” in Cersei’s schemes and cries for blood. Afterall,  he’s just a soldier in love with this woman that is hard to control and he’s trying to do the right-ish thing. Right?? But let us not forget that all the while he remains complicit to Cersei’s tyranny and evil so he’s really the Mike Pence in this situation, not the Lindsey Graham. But again…these are the creators of Confederate so I am not surprised.

Something me tells me that there are a lot of members of the #LawrenceHive in the Game of Thrones writing rooms.

End rant.