#thisbitchisshakingthetable Re: Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is applying pressure out in these pro cosmetics streets! 

I have seen no less than 3 other major lines boast about their shade ranges since her launch and the Petty Betty in me just sips my tea and cackles at their weak attempts at shade. What they fail to realize because they are  tone deaf and color blind, is that their lines fall short mostly due to their inability to create the in between shades that have different under tones. Women of color can be the same shade of brown with different undertones- we have cools/neutrals/and warms just like everyone else. There have only been a few cosmetics lines to get it right over time and even then their overall formula may not be ideal. But that hasn’t been the case for Fenty so far. Not only is it being praised for its inclusiveness, but also for its incredible wear which is due to an amazing formulation.

I could post link after link of positive reviews but I don’t have time so here are a few…




The beauty industry as a whole continues to fail us, ONE OF THEIR MOST LOYAL CUSTOMERS, (LOOK IT UP IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME) because they see us as monolithic AND most importantly, because we let it- go into any long established hair/beauty store in the hood and see how you’re treated as a reference. 

I am beyond happy and excited for Rihanna’s new venture for so many reasons, but mainly because I feel more confident giving my coin to someone who actually is TRYING, LISTENING, and SUCCEEDING at making an all inclusive line that has WOC as their focal point. Plus she’s a bad ass bitch making shit happen- that’s always a plus in my book.