‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 4 Recap

Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted. Also, please excuse my sentence structure and colorful language as I am live blogging as I watch the episode. 

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Brendan is in the Sheboygan County juvenile detention center. It’s a recorded phone call of him and  Barb. She’s having Brendan’s dad record Wrestlemania, still holding out hopes that he’ll be home. She asked Brendan if he liked his lawyer, he said, “well we like the same animal.” Which is great because Barb just bought him another cat, his favorite animal. The chances of this cat still being alive when Brendan is freed are astronomic. His mother, like any mother, is fighting as much as she can to the best of her ability. She keeps telling him that he is coming home, I’m pretty sure that she believes this too. However, Brendan is doubtful and thinks he won’t be home at least for a year. Think about that.  He thinks a year is a reasonable amount of time for him to be in jail after confessing to kidnap, rape, and imprisonment. Poor thing. He tells his mom that the investigators told him what to say. Also, Brendan is told that his statements have been inconsistent and he asks Barb what the word ‘inconsistent’ means. She says, “I don’t know.”  He has no idea. He still hasn’t met his new lawyer Len Kachinsky aka Creepy Niles Crane. They end the call with Barb saying, “I love you Turkey.”

Steven has an interview with Associated Press and says he feels sorry for Brendan because of the way the investigators coerced him. He knows how this makes him look when his own nephew is saying he’s guilty and that he made him help rape and kill Teresa. AP  asks Steven if Brendan was smart, he said “not really”. The media  and Kachinsky made it seem like it was a coded threat to Brendan for confessing.

Is this real?

dance what wait what

Len Kachinsky is pleading Brendan’s case as if he’s guilty. He doesn’t seem to believe that Brendan is innocent in the least. At the time that he was given Brendan’s case by the DA, he was a public defender. He had just lost coming in 3rd place for a seat on the Circuit Court. He has something to prove, so most likely he will not be looking to buy into the whole  “Steven Avery was framed” or believe Brendan if he tells him he really didn’t do it. I don’t like the way he looks. He looks like the guy that gets prostitutes and makes them bathe and scrub themselves in scalding hot water, then kills them after he’s had sex with them. Maybe even lets them live for a little while before he tortures them.  In an interview, he called Steven Avery, “evil incarnate” and this is before he ever met Brendan.
He also told the press that it’s common for the investigators to interrogate a minor without anyone (his mom) present. However, he is still making a (weak) attempt to get Brendan’s confession thrown out. If his confession is admissible, he will possibly have to testify against Steven.

The judge, after stating that Brendan obviously has learning disabilities but  never truly delving into exactly what they are, finds his confession admissible. Interesting, but not surprising. They think that a boy who thinks he can just swing by school to turn an assignment AFTER confessing to murder and rape has a firm grip on reality.

Ok. Still not seeing how this isn’t completely fucked up. But ok.

Fassbender coerced Brendan. We saw the tape. Unless the creators had some type of magic, we saw that with our own 2 eyes and heard it with our own 2 ears. My question is this though, why did the investigators keep coming after Brendan? Did they know he was an easy target? Did they have some actual evidence that they STILL haven’t disclosed? The way this documentary is set up, it seems as though the confession is what is needed for a conviction. If the evidence were really that strong the judge would’ve thrown Brendan’s confession out…because I am convinced they are all in on this shit. Or do they just want Brendan’s confession as a safety net?

Oh look, Mike Halbach. He makes my skin crawl. Something is wrong with this dude.

Scumbag Steve as Mike Halbach from this point forward

Back to the greaseball. He is feigning disappointment for the cameras and saying that he’ll give it the old college try and again, the possibility of testifying against Steven is not out of the question.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a lawyers job to actually fight for and in the interest of their client?? Also, don’t investigators actually INVESTIGATE things? I am so confused by this dynamic duo of Kachinsky and Michael O’Kelly, the “investigator”. Not only have I not seen him investigate shit, he is also interrogating and berating his own client. How in the hell does that work?
This is so nauseating to watch. Most of us can sympathize with Brendan as he is sitting in this desk being talked to like he’s a “bad boy” by this fucking prick. It’s like he is mentally torturing him making him do things that he knows he should not be doing. You can see the agony and most likely hurt in Brendan’s face. He just wants this to be over and is afraid to disappoint anyone with the wrong answer. He tells the truth, he’s told he’s lying. That is such a harsh thing to take, someone calling you a liar, especially when you aren’t lying.Brendan writes down the story of how he went home, played his game, and went to the bon fire. O’kelly might as well have smacked his knuckles with a ruler. In a very subtle way he is demanding that Brendan write down that he killed Teresa or he and Kachinsky can’t AND WON’T help him. Some fucking help buddy!


O’kelly- Are you sorry for what you did?
Brendan- I don’t know because I didn’t do anything.
O’kelly- If you’re (not) sorry I can’t help you.
You did a very bad thing.
I want you to testify against Steven Avery and tell the truth. This is how I can help you.



Apparently Brendan later caves in and just writes what O’kelly’s punk ass wants to hear. After this he makes Brendan draw a picture of him stabbing Teresa, one of him raping Teresa, and another…a big picture of how they had her bound to the bed. Shakes Brendan’s hand…and then calls the douchebag investigators.  I am fucking speechless.

Sheriff Peterson, fucking bastard, says on the news that it would be easier to kill Steven than it would be to frame him…he says that shit on the news. Strang is furious and brings it up to the judge. Peterson is slapped on the hand with the rest of the Manitowoc officials and told to chill for a bit.

They are showing Brendan’s  451255125th interrogation. They are literally telling him how he abd Steven  murdered Teresa.Then they pulled the “what do you think your mom would say” shit knowing that Brendan is a little timid around  Barb. So after 3 1/2 hours and so that he wouldn’t get into trouble, he does as the detectives tell him to do and admits AGAIN to them that he and Steven killed Teresa.

He calls Barb and tells her what he’s done. He is wanting to know if the investigators called her. They have not. From what she says, no one ever calls her. Surprise, surprise. Then Brendan breaks the news to her that Steven murdered Teresa and that he is afraid to face him, meaning he doesn’t want to testify. She says, “You know what Brendan, you do what you gotta do!” For a moment she is questioning how in the hell he did all of that nurder, rape, hair cut, and kidnapping and was home in time for dinner. But she doesn’t press him enough because she’s probably trying not to have a heart attack.

Jodi is home and Barb just told her what Brendan says. Jodi is probably going through it. She’s trying to stand by her man, without drinking. I’m sure it’s hard.

The time now is totally opposite of how this fucking episode began.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
Damnit Brendan!

Steve is questioning how in the hell he is supposed to get a fair trial. This is a legit wiestion because his face os on EVERY news outlet, even national.

Now we’re back with Jodi at the salvage yard. She is talking anout a phone bill from wjen she was incarcerrated. Woooooaaaah… So Jodi talked to Steven on the same day that he supposedly raped, kidnapped, and imprisoned a lady?? They have recorded calls from when she was locked up and they talked on the phone twice the very same day. Once while he was murdering and the other when hbe was about to eother go to skeep or destroy the evidence.

Pete Baetz is an investigator for the defense and he is saying how the search was unorganized and took way too much time. He comments how the key wasn’t found on aby of the initial searches of the house. I find that strange too bacause it was in such an obvious place.

How in the fuck….so the key to Teresa’s car they found only had Steven’s DNA on it??????  Did Steven boil the key in Clorox and then touch it with his bloody cut finger?? The surprises are endless with this case.

So you know who is getting on my nerves????
Now he is saying that they didn’t do it and that if Steven did do it, it sure in the hell wasn’t with him…maybe. Poor Barb.

Barb- Why’d you say all of this shit if it’s not true and how did you came up with it?
Brendan- Guessed.
Barb- What do you mean guessing?
Brendan- Guessing
Barb- You don’t guess with something like that Brendan
Brendan- Well that’s what I do with my homework too.
Barb-Yeah, I know.
At this point Barb just gets tongue tied and ultimately frustrated. I can only imagine the challenges that a person who has a child with learning disabilities. To compound that, she may or may not understand everything 100% but she understands enough to know that her son is fucked.

“You’re not stupid to me!” Barb to Brendan.

Jodi says she wants to drink all the time because the situation frustrating and nerve wracking. 2 seconds later she says she had a couple beers. She got caught drinking 2 days later and spent 5 nights in jail. As part of her probation she has to move away and sever all ties with Steven. She seems like a ride or die chick. I wonder if she’ll actually stay away.

Welp, yep she did move away and now she’s trying to fight the “no contact with Steven” aspect of her probation. She says she ain’t going nowhere no matter where she is. Stahd by your man, Jodi!

Allan Avery is thumbing through the County Sheriff’s yearbook and finds Kenny Peterson from 1982. He’s the one that arrested Steven in 1985. Now back to court and this fool, Peterson just said that he doubts that Steven was innocent of the rape and attempted murder case. EVEN THOUGH DNA evidence proved otherwise. HMMMM……. Now he doesn’t remember the depositions from the whole fucking sheriff’s office and a $36,000,000 law suit?? Get the fuck outta here! He’s another dick! These assholes like the word “recall”.

Steven has absolutely no chance of a fair trial. I really don’t feel like I need to watch the rest because I know that he is in prison. This is the sickest shit I have ever seen play out.

Uh oh…Barb is ready to spit nails. Kachinsky is talking about how she has the disposition of a pitbull. Really? He’s not answering Barb’s phone calls but gave Brendan a plea bargain to sign without Barb’s consent or counseling her. Barb is trying to explain to Brendan what a plea bargain is, and telling him that his attorney wants to put him away.

“I’m getting rid of Len, because he’s not helping my son.”

Barb really got the short end of this shit. All she did was came home from work and her son confessed to some shit that he made up in his mind.

There is a hearing to see if Kachinsky can be dismissed. Kachinsky thinks Avery is the reason why, not the fact that he thinks his client is guilty.The judge is asking Brendan how his relationship is with his lawyer. Brendan. He’s asking Brendan. Brendan doesn’t even know what inconsistent means, but he knows he needs a different lawyer because his lawyer thinks he’s guilty. The judge denied that motion. Barb storms off the elevator and says, “bastards!” and Kachinsky walks away with his high water pants.

They locked up Jodi for passing Steven on her way to court??? There has to be more to the story. She tells Chuck, Steven’s brother that they are over. He says that his relationship was his only reason for hanging on. “I got nothin now.” I must admit, I did not see that coming.

Brendan’s mom has him to write a letter to the judge saying that he is innocent. Kachinsky says that it is dumb that they did it. He’s so smug reading the letter and thinks it’s amusing apparently. He also eludes to Brendan being inconsistent on purpose.

Judge Fox dismissed Kachinsky finally for letting Brendan get interrogated alone. Fucking asshole.

The mystery still remains, what have the Avery’s done to deserve all of this vehemence?

So Lenk lost evidence that could have helped Steven back at the time of his rape trial. Also…..the blood has been tampered with?????? THE ENTIRE FUCK!!!! They cut open a sealed box that contained a vile of Steven’s blood and then put scotch tape back on it. Wow! Buting calls it a “red letter day” for the defense. This is episode 4, and Steven is in jail. I cannot wait to see just how much bullshit they spin to make this look legit. I really want to be excited with the defense, but I know how this story ends.

This is beyond fucked up.