Ep 42 Monday Morning with Rob Lee #MusicMonday

Hey guys!! It’s a new day, new week, new chance to be delivert from thine  ratchet behavior!!!

How was your Valentine’s Day weekend? Did you get lucky? Did you have Singles Blizzard from DQ? Did you possibly contract an STD from a stranger you met from Tinder????

Now that we are back to life, back to reality, it’s Monday and we have a special treat this week- it’s our R&B appreciation special. Each day we will feature a new song by  one of our favorite R&B artist in efforts to raise awareness of any up coming albums, tours, or promotions they may have. We also, will try to bring you new artists that you may or may not have heard of before, but that we are very excited about.


In today’s episode, Louisville native Rob Lee comes by the studio to hang out and discuss his newest single “Monday Morning”, and also we discuss with him his love for R&B, his influences, his passion, and much more! It was such a great interview and we absolutely loved having him on the show.

Please be sure to check him out online, he is such a dope artist!

Twitter: @RobLee_88
Instagram: @Rob_d.lee

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Ep 7 Teddy’s Jam (Blue Eyed Soul and Kanye Slander)

Hey 5 followers!!!!!!! Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest co host Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
In this special music edition thought up by our newest cast mate, we have an absolute blast discussing blue eyed soul music and some of the great artists. PLUS I know you love how Lish keeps saying there’s no music…but really there is. #AWKWARD😑😑😑😐😐😐
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Also…here are some treats that you heard about in the episode…you’re welcome:)
Little John’s Pawn Shop YMCA
Justin Timberlake spoofs Michael McDonald
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