Ep 2 ‘Turning the Tables’ Making a Murderer Recap

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Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.

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Quick thoughts:
I am going to say this because I know I am not the only one thinking it… The shit they did to Steven Avery is so interesting to me not because it shows just how fucked up and corrupt the justice system is, we already knew that. To know this, all one simply has to do is turn on the news or You Tube to see the latest use of excessive force on Black people in America. From Tamir Rice to Eric Garner to Sandra Bland, the list goes on and on and on. But sadly, it doesn’t surprise me. It has been going on for decades.  All of my life I have seen the war on black people. It takes different names and shapes, but it’s still the same battle. From oppression, to segregation, to mass incarceration…it’s always something. But this Steven Avery case is different because now it’s bringing the savageness and corruption to the mainstream and it’s showing it being used on one of them. A white man. The demographic that we all have been told for centuries are the ones that rule the world. It’s also a case where we get further proof that it’s not only about race, but class. We see how people in positions of power in the government get to go above the law and not receive any repercussions. I wonder if this will help some people to better understand just what the black community has been saying for a long time. Or will they see this as an isolated incident and fool themselves into believing that shit like this doesn’t happen often?

When I first watched episode 1, I noticed the lack of diversity in Manitowoc County. For the most part, everyone is white. In situations like this, where everyone looks the same, I have noticed that classism tends to be more prevalent. And this was absolutely the case for the Avery’s. They were the “white trash” of Manitiwoc, the way black people would be the “niggers” or “coloreds” in towns like this. They were the minority, at least that’s what the town folks thought. The undesirables. This automatically put them under a microscope, and probably attributed to any issues that they had. If they never felt like part of the community, why would they ever try to fit in, or socialize? The seclusion was probably a defense mechanism. Also, this could be a load of shit that I am making up, and my whole incest theory could be true or maybe they just are different.  Either way, there is an argument that they were targeted because they did not fit in.

Also…has anyone besides me noticed how the theme music eerily sounds like Game of Thrones???? Nobody??

Ok here’s the recap…

I am watching this as I type so keep that in mind when you read this post. At times my thoughts may seem incoherent, and they probably are, but it is due to the fact that I am doing a blog post similar to live tweeting.

It’s only episode 2 out of 10, so I am not expecting much in the way of hope. In this episode, we get a glimpse into what Steven was doing from the time he was released to the apparent murder charge we heard about at the end of episode 1.

I hate cliff hangers, that is why I love Netflix.

So now Steven is out. Living his life. Falling in love. Trying to get justice through his lawsuit. Also, he was working with state legislator Mark Gundrum, founder of the Avery Project. Gondrum pushed to get Steven $450,000 compensation from the State of Wisconsin for his wrongful imprisonment up from the $25,000 that was mandated. The Avery Task force also worked towards criminal justice reform. Steven also met with Patty Beernsten face to face and she apologized to him. He embraced her, and told her that “It’s ok. It’s over.”

I know, I know. I set myself up for disappointment, but I am a hopeless romantic.

And here is more of the deposition of Judy Dvorak the bitchy Deputy from episode 1. She of course doesn’t remember and her lawyer keeps try to tell her what to say. I must note again how awful her hair and skin look. The years have not been nice to her, probably because she’s had to deal with putting an innocent man behind bars just because of her prejudice toward him. The rate of ridiculousness in this is so frustrating.

Judy Dvorak…in my mind

Flash back to the deposition of “sketch artist” at the time, Chief Deputy Eugene Kusche, who also is no longer employed with the county, and he is really trying to sell it that this composite sketch is legit. He makes the remark “I don’t take what’s in the paper as gospel truth.” Then says, “Where did the evidence come from?” in reference to DNA evidence being fabricated. This fat fuck really pissed me off all over again. I hope we don’t see him again.

Eugene Kusche…in my mind

In October 2005 Steven was about to be awarded his $450,000 from Wisconsin. At this point, his civil rights lawyers were still pursuing the $36,000,000 lawsuit. The $450,000 would give Steven enough money to be able to stay in the lawsuit and survive in the meantime.

During this time Jodi, Steven’s fiance, gets arrested for a DUI.

The lawyers discover that 10 years into Steven’s sentence, Sergeant Andrew Colborn received a phone call from a Brown County detective that said he has someone in custody that is responsible for a crime that someone else is in prison for. Colborn never reported this and if her did, there is no paper trail of evidence of that. WHAT. THE. ENTIRE. FUCK??? 8 years later, after Steven got out, Colborn told his superior officer about the phone call, Lenk. AND HE DOESN’T RECALL TELLING ANYONE ELSE!!! It’s possible, but he can’t recall. REALLY??????? They then go contact Sheriff Peterson. The Sheriff then puts the report that Colborn made into a gawt damned safe. A. Safe. So instead of getting out after 10 years, Steven gets out after 18.

Doug Jones Asst DA had a convo with Eugene Kusche, the fat fuck that made the sketch, that implies Kusche knew about the wrongful conviction in 95 or 96. And of course, he cannot seem to recall the conversation either.

Hmmmmmm let me get this shit straight, you can recall every fucking detail of how you got that sketch, but you cannot remember something as important as you knowing good and gawt damn well that there was some fuck shit going on in the Sheriff’s office???????

How Sway???

So now we are learning that the insurance policies for Manitowoc County and the sheriff and DA…Kokourek, and Vogel won’t cover the bill if Avery wins his case. That means the County, the  former sheriff, and the former  DA will be responsible for the $36,000,000. WOAH.

That’s a lot of bread. Especially for a place that I have never heard of before. And how in the hell would any of them begin to pay that? Would they just extend Avery Road and rename Manitowoc Avery County? How does that work. I am not an investigator, but I watch a lot on tv, and I am pretty sure that the powers that be are not happy about this at all!

Here comes the bullshit…

Stephen Green gets a call from Walt, the other civil rights lawyer saying that a reporter is asking if he knows anything about the intersection in the lives of Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach. Who???

Teresa Halbach was a 25 year old  professional photographer for Auto Trader. Steven had an appointment with Teresa at 2pm on October 31, 2005 to photograph one of his cars. This was not Teresa’a frist time on the Avery property, as Steven had listed other cars with her before. She went missing after that time and Steven becomes the main suspect in what turns into a homicide investigation.

How coincidental is this? All of these secrets start to come out about the mishandling of the Avery trial within the department and on top of that a pending $36,000,000 lawsuit is looming and this lady just so happens to be missing…after meeting with Avery.

Come. On. This cannot be real!

Surely the timelines are made to look this close and suspicious, right? I rewind just to make sure.

Nope. This is exactly the time frames in which all of this happens.
October 11, 2005 Lenk and Sandy Morris are deposed.
October 13, 2005 Sgt Colborn, Judy Dvorak, and Sheriff Peterson are deposed.
October 26, 2005 Eugene Kusche is deposed.
October 31, 2005 Teresa Halbach is last seen.
November 1, 2005 The Avery Bill passes the state legislature.
November 3, 2005 Teresa Halbach is reported missing.

The police do an aerial investigation on the Avery property looking for the car. A salvage yard. What an obvious place to hide a car, right? If Avery did this why in the hell would he hide the car on his own property?? I mean, I know the guy is not that quick, but he doesn’t appear to be that dumb either. As I sit here waiting for them to find this car, something tells me they are going to find it somewhere on this property. It’s just way too obvious.

Here we go. A lady just found a RAV 4 and gives the dispatcher the VIN number but doesn’t want to say where she is until the dispatcher confirms that this is the car. Duh! Of course it’s the car. But where is the body?? The Columet police department is handling the investigation and are not calling Steven a suspect yet. A news reporter just asks Steven if he thinks his brothers had anything to do with this, Steven says no. But he also points out that anyone has access to their road. It is a 40 acre lot, how in the fuck is he supposed to know who is on it 100% of the time?? At this point, I’m wondering why the fuck Steven’s lawyers never advised him and his family to get the fuck outta dodge while this was lawsuit was pending.

Enter Ken Kratz. I don’t like him already and he hasn’t even said much. He just seems smarmy to me. Like he may or may not have animal porn stashed away on Hello Kitty jump drive that he keeps in his basement. He is there in the capacity of a special prosecutor called in by the DA Roeher. Even though he’s brought in so there is no appearance of conflict, he appears to already know that there will be a guilty verdict.

Avery knew that they would be investigating his home. You mean to tell me he left evidence just laying around the house from October 31st through November the 4th?? And the only thing he could think to do was hide the car in the back of the damn salvage yard? If they find anything, I am automatically going to think it’s a set up. I don’t care. Unless Jesus or Teresa Halbach tells me otherwise, this whole thing is a fucking sham.

Now Steven is crying and then they flash to a vigil for Teresa. Her brother is weird to me. I don’t know why.

Annnndd they have found human remains on the property along with her keys in Steven’s bedroom.  Big surprise. It has now been classified as a homicide investigation, and Sheriff  Pagel and Kratz make a point to say there is only 1 victim in this case. Ha!

Now they have Steven in custody. I am sitting here watching this interrogation in utter disbelief. Weiger and Fassbender aka Dick and Douche. They are asking all of these obvious questions that can easily be answered by a simple answer “…because I have been framed.”

This Kratz dude is a fucking asshole. I do not like him all. He is acting like it so far fetched that Avery could have framed after everything that has culminated. He is entirely too sure of himself and quick to call the speculation ridiculous. Is it though??

Let’s  look at what we’ve learned so far:

  • Steven Avery was convicted of an assault and rape that he did not commit because some folks in the sheriff’s department did not like him or his family.
  • These same people, the people that are sworn to protect serve, and uphold the law also knew that other people knew of Avery’s innocence and STILL said nothing and let him rot in prison.
  • Once Avery is finally exonerated by DNA, there is a push to investigate the county and all of it’s cases and officials PLUS there is  pending $36,000,000 law suit and $450,000 that the state is going to pay out because of this massive fuck up.

The worst  thing we know about Steven is that he possibly set a cat on fire back when he was 20, and while that may be the beginnings of a murder career, he has never done anything like this or even close to this since. From what we know, he didn’t even get into trouble in prison where he sat for 18 years never admitting guilt. It can be said that someone smart enough not to admit guilt could be smart enough play dumb, no? Think about it… he knew not to say that he did it, because he understood just how serious the charges were. Now, he can use what happened in his past as a story to make him look innocent, “look guys they’re trying to frame me again!” But I don’t buy that. Someone smart enough to know that you have a sympathy card should be smart enough to know to dispose of evidence, no? Master manipulators are usually very calculated, this was very sloppy and fucking obvious. It was not planned by someone who knows how to use people.





Ep 1 ’18 Years Lost’ Making a Murderer Recap

(Click play to listen to the podcast recap)

We know that we have had a couple of Making a Murder recap episodes, but this one is just a little different. This one goes a little more into detail and is strictly dedicated to Making a Murderer and related content.

*Spoiler Alert*

In this episode, Lish recaps episode 1 of Making a Murderer 18 Years Lost. the intial introduction to Steven Avery and his legal issues with Manitowoc County.

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2 days ago my friend told me about the new series on Netflix Making a Murderer. She knows how much I love documentaries and crime shows and thought this would be right up my ally. What she forgot to leave off was exactly how fucking infuriating and sickening it is to watch this shit….but I could not stop watching!
I have given birth.
I have lost family and friends.
I have had my heart broken.
I have gained weight, lost it, and gained it plus 10 more pounds back.
And still NONE of those aforementioned things have ever taken me through as many emotions as this series has. I literally have pressed pause, went to Google, rewound, stopped, and re started this series more than anything I have ever watched.  I have cried, screamed, growled once, and cried some  more. And just because misery loves company, I have suggested it to all of my friends and family to watch. 🙂

Making a Murderer is a 10 episode docuseries about a man named Steven Avery from Manitowoc County Wisconsin. Steven served 18 years in prison for a violent rape and was exonerated after DNA evidence proved him not guilty. He returned home September 11, 2003.

In episode 1 we meet Steven and his family, the Avery’s. They live in rural Manitowoc County in Wisconsin and own and operate a salvage yard. The salvage yard  sits on approximately 40 acres of land where he and his family all live in mobile homes.

From what we learned the Avery family is different from and looked down upon by the rest of the community. The way it was explained reminded me of that one eccentric family that lives up the street. The one where the members go about and mind their own business but they just happen to do shit differently. You know this family too.  They do things like barbecue in the front yard, have 30 people living in a 4 bedroom house, never have any guests, they have 5 broke down cars on the front lawn, may or may not be products of incest, and never leave unless it’s for school or work. But they also say hello every time they see you and will help other neighbors shovel snow. We all know people like this, or at least we  know of them, right?  Outliers. Outsiders. The weird. The different. And in the case of Steven Avery and his family, also, the not so bright. From what Steven’s lawyer stated, his IQ was about 70. To give you an idea of how low that is, it is only 1 step up from being  very low on the scale.  From what I have seen so far of the family, I would venture and say that many of the members have a low IQ. And this is not a shot at them, just an observation.

Although Steven did have a criminal history, all of the crimes, except for one, seem to have been petty ones. The one that was not so petty was that one time he was arrested and convicted of animal cruelty for burning and killing a cat. In the documentary it sounds like it was an accident. However,  upon my own investigations, I have read from other sources that it was intentional. There is apparently a police report that says that Avery and his accomplice poured gasoline on a cat and set it in fire, and watched it die. Ummm…what?

As an avid watcher of crime tv, I know that cruelty to  animals, especially setting one aflame Katniss style, is behavior that is displayed by serial killers or violent people early on in their murder career. Also, murder career is a thing.

Given that, it was not a murder that landed Steven in prison for almost 18 years. It was a culmination of things that got him convicted, but mostly it was because the Deputy Sheriff’s wife was a lying ass bitch. She was also Steven’s cousin and her name was Sandra Morris. Steven’s dad, Allan,  who happens to look like Wilford Brimley, said that she and Bill (her husband) were always picking on Steven. At one point, Sandra and Steven had  been having beef because of her running around town telling people about how Steven masturbated on the hood of her car once and how he and his wife had sex in the front yard. She also said she didn’t like him and used to talk badly about him at the local taverns. I’m pretty sure she would go to the bar and get drunk and just talk shit about Steven and then later people would run back and tell him. How embarrassing for your own cousin to be running around town talking reckless like that about you to everyone! Especially in a little ass town of 4000 people, where everybody knows everybody and no one likes you or your family.

In 1985, Steven ultimately got sick of her shit and her gossiping ass ways. One January morning, he sees her driving down the road, he hops in his car and runs her ass off the road. When she gets out to confront him, he then jumps out and points a gun at her. Later he said it was unloaded but he was just trying to scare her and make her quit running her mouth. His plan failed, cause the bitch went to her hubby and his buddies at the Sheriff’s office and filed a police complaint. He was charged.

Steven was let out on bail and was awaiting trial. This is where the story starts to get crazy.

In July 1985, Penny Beernsten, a pillar in the community,  was violently raped and left for dead in the woods. When she went to the hospital,  Judy Duvorak, another Deputy Sheriff and Sandra Morris’s friend, prepared the incident report, and lead Mrs Beernsten into believing the Steven was her assailant. From the fact that the sketch artist made a composite sketch using a mugshot, to  the Deputy Sheriff only focusing on Avery as a suspect, shit started going downhill for Avery really quick really fast. Watching Sandra and Judy with their bad hair and bad skin during their depositions pissed me off. Both danced around the questions and tried to change their own words. And the sketch artist with his 4 chins and lying ass??? He had the nerve to frame the “composite sketch” because he was so proud of it. A  composite sketch that was the EXACT liking of a fucking mugshot that looked NOTHING like Steven did at the time!!!!  Framing a composite sketch for a framing of a man. How ironic.

Steven was taken into custody. The Sheriff kept him from having phone privileges and from seeing anyone…including his lawyer. He didn’t have a chance. He was 23.

Sheriff Kocourek was warned from the Manitowoc police that the suspect for Beernsten’s rape may have been Gregory Allen. Detective Thomas Bergner told the Sheriff that they usually have surveillance on Gregory Allen on a daily basis but at the time of the assault, he was not being watched. The Sheriff told the detective that they already had the right guy.

There was no physical evidence on Avery. All of his time was accounted for from his alibi, and he had witnesses to vouch. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison, never admitting guilt because he did not commit the crime. Meanwhile Gregory Allen was freely out in Wisconsin, violently raping and assaulting women. At the time of his last rape in 1995, he was 57 years old. 57.

It was so hard to watch Avery’s mother Delores and father Allan struggle through retelling this story. At one point, Allan was brought to tears. His mother goes through boxes and boxes of transcripts and appeals and sentencing documents that she has made and mailed. She sent them to several media outlets asking for them to just hear the story, they never helped. They were not listening.

Steven and his wife Lori divorced while he was in prison. I can’t imagine how he felt. It seems like it would have been impossible not to go crazy and become who they made the world believe you are. Somehow he held on even after all of his appeals got denied. Then, his post conviction lawyers Robert Henak and Stephen Glenn had the DNA evidence tested in 1995. The court shot down the evidence stating that the 3rd set of alleles from the test could have belonged to anyone and didn’t prove Steven’s innocence. Eventually, the Wisconsin Innocence Project got the rape kit tested again. The lab found a rooted pubic hair and tested it. This was the proof of Avery’s innocence. It was Gregory Allen’s DNA. Steven Avery was released from prison.

He says that it was “An honest mistake” that Patty Beernsten thought he was her assailant.

The assholes Vogel and Kocourek both had left their positions with Manitowoc County by the time Steven was released. The assistant DA had suspicions that they both knew that Avery was not guilty and still prosecuted him, so he ordered an investigation of the Manitowoc County’s handling of the Avery case. There was an entire task force dedicated to this.

As the truth started to come out, the world started to see just how much corruption there was within the Manitowoc justice system. The pressure mounted to save face and to cover up as much as they could. There were even memos warning employees not to speak to anyone regarding the case. After the investigation concluded, it was deemed by the DA that there was no criminal wrongdoing or ethical violations in Avery’s case. It was just unfortunate that Steven had to stay in prison for 18 years because no one ever investigated Allen.

About a year after the DNA evidence which proved Steven’s innocence came out, and after the DA said that Manitowoc was not wrongful, Steven’s civil right’s lawyer Walter Kelly filed a $36 million law suit against Manitowoc County, former Sheriff Tom Kocourek , and former DA Denis Vogel.

It did not end well. Steven ended up being  charged with murder.


‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 6 Recap

Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.
To read all of the ‘Making a Murderer’ recaps I have written so far, click here.

This episode is all about the evidence, or lack there off. I don’t know if they will be discussing the blood or not, but I do know that the validity of the blood is important. The defense has suspicions that it was planted in the vehicle.

And here is the Kratz and Pagel in a press meeting…I assume lying about something. I don’t trust anyone on the side of the state in this case.

He is describing how Brendan, I’m sorry, 16 year old Brendan, told them that Steven went and got a butcher knife and then stabbed Teresa in her stomach. She didn’t die. Steven then hands Brendan the knife and makes him cut Teresa’s throat. She still doesn’t die. So then Steven strangles and shoots her. It sounds very gruesome and tragic. The only problem is that none of the DNA evidence that has been introduced thus far supports this. I’m still wondering where all of the hair from the hair cut went.

Apparently the state is a little skeptical of Brendan’s account too, but not skeptical enough not to place this same scene Brendan describes into a different part of the property. EVEN THOUGH Brendan told them it took place in the trailer. Hmmmm…let’s see where they planted evid..I mean, discovered enough evidence to prove their other theory. They know that the garage was part of the crime scene? Huh? How? Oh! “A substantial amount of physical evidence that now makes sense.” Clear as mud. Thanks Kratz!

And now for the Game of Thrones-ish theme music. This had to be on purpose.

The defense thinks that Brendan won’t be called as a witness against Steven. The main reason is because his story is so inconsistent every time they ask. They are also afraid that the jury already has an opinion about Steven. Strang says they need to work on disproving the prosecution’s evidence and theory. In a perfect world, that would definitely work. But we are in Manito-fucking-woc County, Wisconsin, there is no such thing as justice or logic here.

4 months later there is another search. This is the most bizarre shit I have ever seen. There have been so many searches of this property, who is quality controlling this shit making sure nothing is planted? The crime scene investigator says they found a shell casing under a compressor. It looked like a flattened bullet. AHA! Someone from Manitowoc Sheriff’s department was there. I thought they were supposed to be completely out of this?? No bullets were found in November 2005, but there was some in March 2006. Magical bullets and magical keys. I need to go to Manitowoc and lose my virginity so that it magically reappears.


Lieutenant Lenk was at the search too? Buting is cross examining Fassbaneder. 4 months after the initial search and then when they figured out that there was a shooting they just so happened to find bullets. AND THEY HAD SEARCHED THE GARAGE 5 OTHER TIMES PREVIOUSLY!!!!!!!


Of course you aren’t sure, Fassbender. Are you ever??

Detective Fassbender…no?

He also doesn’t believe that it’s an accurate statement that up until February 28th, there was no physical evidence linking Steven Avery to the crime. Ha! Of course.

So far it looks like the defense is winning, but you and I know where Steven is.

Buting asks Fassbender if within the 4 months of investigations have they found any evidence that Teresa was in Steven’s home. The answer is no.  Kratz asks if he remembers the 1st search of the property where they found  Teresa’s phone number being found on Steven’s table, and also a bill of sale. So…wasn’t she the photographer? A bill of sale is evidence of someone being in your home?  Fassbender says yes. Kratz just tried to make it seem like Bobby Dassey testified that Teresa was in the trailer when he clearly never did. It’s over ruled and the judge sustains it. I think he only sustains it to look like he’s going through the motions.

Now there is a lady that sounds like Lilly Tomlin testifying about the bone fragments. She is a forensic anthropologist. Her opinion is that Teresa was shot in the head. She calls it homicidal violence. Poor Teresa. I feel so bad for her family…except Mike. I don’t trust him.

Now is the testimony of the DNA Technical Unit Leader. She was able to extract Teresa’a DNA from the bullet…sort of. In the midst of doing this, she introduced her own DNA into the sample. Also, she can’t say for sure that the DNA on the bullet was from blood or what the source was or where it came from.

My favorite reporter is here. Just as skeptical as the rest of us. Is this DNA even valid? And why? She is asking Gahn if Teresa’s DNA could have been transferred to the bullet, as in planted. Gahn says that is not even remotely possible because they are all good christian people. Ok, he doesn’t say that, but he may as well had. The kicker is that the defense was never able to get the sample run again because the technician used what little DNA she had in another re test. The defense initially asked could they have some one there to observe the DNA test and the lab said no. They didn’t want to risk any contamination…more than the lab tech’s contamination…of HER OWN FUCKING DNA??



Not only that but in the case communication record, the technician testifies that she was told by Fassbender to try make the DNA evidence put Teresa in the garage or his house. But of course it had no bearing on her findings.

Gahn is trying to spin this to make the DNA look credible. My favorite reporter is asking if his bullshit excuse makes sense to the jury? He says yes.

Allan, Steven’s dad, asks where the blood is from this gruesome murder. One of the questions I have been asking from jump. Still no answers.

Exhibit 237 shows that the investigators jack hammered concrete chunks out of the garage floor thinking there was blood in the cracks. No blood. How do you clean ALL OF THE BLOOD from a murder scene?? Buting is basically establishing that there is none of Teresa’s DNA anywhere in Steven’s home or garage, or Brendan’s. 

“We have lots and lots of scientific evidence in this case.”

-Ken Katz, most likely on prescription narcotics.

We are back to the bone lady. She testified that she cannot rule out that there was more than 1…or 2 burn sites.The quarry pile materials showed up in the remains.

A forensic scientist is testifying about an email with himself and Fassbender stating that there was not a thorough photo record of the scene where the remains were found because his team was not the ones working it from start to finish. They were only there for technical assistance rather than complete scene processing.Also, that Detective Fassbenderdid not call a forensic anthropologist to the scene.

Another scientist, a forensic anthropologist basically says  that the scene where the cremains were was not organized. In his opinion it wasn’t a “forensic archaeological approach”. He says that the organization and approach matters because they have to be able to find evidence from the bones collected. I’ve watched so much NCIS, I already knew this though. He also says that the original burn location was not behind Steven’s house.

Again, the defense APPEARS to be winning. Appears to be.

Allan has shaved his facial hair and looks like he is trying to stay in good spirits. Delores looks so tired. Bless her heart. She goes to the vending machine and gets a candy bar and Allan says that the candy will be hard on her…

Hand to God! I cannot make this up!!

Now we are on the RAV 4. There is a bloodstain pattern analyst on the stand. He points out a bloody hair print in the back of the truck. Buting says it helps the case because why would Steven transfer the body to burn in the burn pit that is directly behind his home? The prosecutors says the burn pit is the burn site. This doesn’t fit with their theory.

Barb’s husband, Scott Tydach, testifies for the prosecution that he saw high flames coming from the fire pit about 8-10 feet high. He said that Steven was near the fire. He is stating exact times of his arrivals and departures on the day that Teresa came up missing. He recalls the times to the minute. Buting asks him if he clearly remembers all of the details that he just stated from like 16 months ago. He says yes. The defense proceeds to asks him if he remembers talking to some police officers. Apparently, his testimony to them was completely different than what he says now on the stand. His time tables were different. The recollection of the fire pit was different. He also had a conversation with an investigator where he said he was trying to sell one of Barb’s son’s .22’s to a guy at work. He doesn’t remember that either.But hey, everything that supports the prosecutions theory, he can recall.  Of course.

Bobby is back on the stand. His testimony contradicts his step father’s recollection and time tables. No one else saw either one of them and the step dad was trying to sell a gun. Hmmmmmm…… Another suspect?

The bus driver says she drops the Dassey boys off at the same time everyday. She remembers seeing Teresa taking pictures that day. The same time Bobby says he didn’t see Teresa at that time, only her truck. Scott says the same thing. Boom!

Yet another chink in the chain. The reporters are really tripping on all of the inconsistencies. I am sure that the prosecution isn’t worried because they know they are going to win.

“Who better than a police officer would know how to frame somebody?” -Jerome Buting






10 Signs That You Are Obssesed With ‘Making a Murderer’ on Netflix

1. You are reading this blog post.

2. You have spent more time than you care to admit, scouring the internet for clues, theories, and articles. 

3. You read threads on Reddit and Facebook, sometimes even leaving comments, disagreeing, and agreeing with other users. You’ve made virtual bonds with people you don’t even know just because they support your theory. Now you and your new ‘Making a Murderer’ bestie tag each other in other posts and threads and camp out in the comment section with full blown conversations about the latest topic.

4. You have started using the words injustice, coerce, evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, and phrases like “this is some bullshit!” a lot more than you ever have in your life.

5. You are strongly considering a career as a PI because you really feel like given the resources and opportunity, you could have handled the Avery case much better than the County of Manitowoc. You may even be planning on conducting your own investigation.

6. You’ve already vowed never in life to go to Manitowoc County, and have considered writing into congress asking if we can just remove the state of Wisconsin from the union. 

7. You’ve added shows such as NCIS, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds to your Netflix watch list and started listening to Serial Podcast just to brush up on your crime scene investigatory skills and legal jargon.

8. You and your coworkers, some you may not know by name, spend a good amount of time talking in depth about the show when you should be working.

9. You haven’t slept right since you discovered the show because you’ve been trying to finish it without stopping.

10. You have told 10 people, who have told 10 people, who have told 10 people to watch it, thereby increasing your chances of having other people to discuss the trial with.

‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 5 Recap

Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.


Self inflicted pain and agony is what watching this series is. I seriously dread coming home to watch it, but I cannot seem to stop. It has been consuming my free time lately because I decided to live blog and watch. A good amount of my friends are watching or have watched and like me, are conducting their own investigations on the internet. We even discuss it at work, on the phone, via text, and on all social media outlets.  I knew it was only a matter of time before the buzz made its way to NPR. On my drive to work this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of my favs, Renee Montagne, interviewing show creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi. You can listen to the interview here. I was really happy that they were covering the show because it makes me feel like my obsession is justified now. 🙂

If you have not already read all of the other ‘Making a Murderer’ recaps I’ve written, you can read them here. Keep in mind that they  are all created as I watch the show. I will not lie and say that sometimes I do not pause the show just to type a sentence or two, but for the most part, everything is just like live tweeting.

Now I am starting the episode. Times like this, I really wish I enjoyed wine.

I sense that the fuckery will be strong with this one. The prosecution is scrambling to prevent the vial of blood from being used as evidence and to have a test run that can prove whether the blood was planted or not. I didn’t know that such a test existed. This should be interesting.

If you would like to read about such tests in the OJ trial click here and here. To learn more about test tubes and EDTA click here and also here is another great thread of discussion on Reddit about the trial, disappoint, disbelief, and ultimate disgust at our justice system. 

I love how Kratz is pleading that the law officials deserve the chance to have their reputations protected…because you know, us common peasants don’t. GTFOH!

“Good solid decent family men” is what he calls them. The same men who fucking framed Steven for rape and let him rot in prison for 18 years.

So the test that they are trying to use is one that the FBI no longer uses because it’s not reliable? I wonder if it reached the status of unreliability around the time OJ’s dumbass went to prison for stupid shit. The judge allows the unreliable test that helped OJ Simpson. Well of course.

Blogging about this show while  watching has proven to be a lot tougher than I perceived. The best part is that I’ve watched every episode twice. I really feel like I could have been on the defense team at this point. I used to watch Ally McBeal as a kid, Law and Order has been on AND in syndication almost my entire life, plus I watch NCIS. I’m actually over qualified at this point.

The state still hasn’t said whether or not they plan on calling Brendan to testify.

Aha! I knew they needed Brendan’s testimony and they are stalling for another tactic. 

And here is why…The defense says that if they don’t use Brendan’s testimony, the sexual assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment charges should be dropped. The prosecution probably doesn’t want to use Brendan because he’s such a wild card. They also ask for curative jury instructions due to the high profile case. I don’t know who the impartial jurors could possible be because they did not request a change of venue. Surely anybody not living under a rock has already formed some type of opinion by now.

Strang is demanding they let them know whether or not to use Brendan. Kratz and his fat funky ass is asking for special treatment. Strang argues that they went out of their way to diminish Steven’s presumption of innocence and it is their job to “swim up stream”. Man, Strang is pissed and just made a valid point of how they were wrong the first time about Steven and are wrong this time. There has been virtually no change in the way the state is conducting itself from the first time they wrongfully accused him. It’s probably even worse at this point, IMHO.

The state drops the sexual assault and kidnapping charge. But it’s too fucking late because this is what the world knows. Out of 130 jury questionnaires 1 person thinks he’s innocent. 1.

All the jurors are Manitowic county residents. Fucking Aye!

Delores looks so tired.

I feel so bad for the Halbach’s. The mother is very brave and strong to sit through this without completely breaking down.

I think her son did it.

Steven is commenting about how no one else has been investigated.

The defense’s plan is to try and make the jury see that there is a possibility that the murder did not happen the way the defense claims and to hopefully shine a light on someone else.

Strang doesn’t trust the FBI and doesn’t have faith that they will come back without some bullshit. He believes that if he can sway the jury about the key, and how there is NONE of Teresa’s DNA on the key, then he can make some progress.

The defense is laying it out. He basically tells the jury that before the police even know Teresa is dead that they immediately went to lock Steve up. AS SOON as it happened. “Whoever killed her exploited that tunnel vision skillfully.” How does anyone know that Steven was the last person Teresa saw if they have not interviewed or interrogated ANYBODY ELSE?

Wait..who is Bobby?? Brendan has a brother? Oh Lord! Is he slow too??? So he said Teresa’s car was still in the driveway when he was leaving??? And he asked him if he would help Steven get rid of a body????

star trek frustrated facepalm picard confession

What. The. Fuck??????????????????????

Wait….so the defense didn’t even know about this and has a TOTALLY different account!!!

Oh shit! So Kratz just did some fuck shit and tried to trip up Bobby! The story was from November 3rd. The reporter just asked Kratz to clarify and he said Bobby established November 3rd.

All the reporters were like, “NO!! YOU established it!!” FUCK SHIT!!!

Omg! He had to have been on Vicodin, Oxi, Xanax, and crack if he thinks these reported are making a big deal out of nothing!! Unbelievable!

Kratz didn’t call Mike to the stand because Mike told the truth!! Mike said that Steven was joking with them on the 10th, not the 3rd. 

Strang mentions a mistrial and mutters some other shit, and I am just sitting here with my mouth agape. when it’s his turn with the press,  Strang is being very candid with the reporters. One just mentions “prosecutorial misconduct.” They are just and confused as I am!!

Delores and Allan are very pissed and basically said it wasn’t nice for Bobby to say those things.

The defense has an idea of who did it, but they aren’t saying it. I wish one of them would throw caution to the wind and give the info to Anonymous!

Mike Halbach aka Scumbag Steve is on the stand. Why does he know his sister’s voicemail password? So convenient.

The Cingular Wireless engineer says that some voicemail messages were erased. But Mike says he didn’t erase any of the messages. Ummmmmm hmmmmmmm. I’m telling y’all…

Someone who worked with Teresa commented on her remark of someone calling her repeatedly and says, “Not him again.” He doesn’t know exactly who it was, but Teresa did. The defense is setting up reasonable doubt. But who was it on the phone??

Who in the fuck is checking her voicemail!!!!!???!!! At a time that no one knew Teresa was missing, someone was checking her voicemail??? The prosecution is mad because they are being outsmarted! Ooohhhhhhh Kratz has no idea who erased the voicemail and what is worse is that he never bothered to investigate! The defense, IMO is doing a great job, any rational and untainted jury should have been able to see all of this negligence. The judge is a son of a bitch!

The defense had the same fucking evidence that the prosecutors had. HOWEVER they didn’t look at anything! Now they want to object?

Fassbender is on the stand. Lying. Who the fuck else was investigated? He looks like a coke head and cannot produce any other suspects.

The scumbag ex boyfriend. He says that when Teresa’a roommate (a guy that the ex was ll too quick to say was not dating Teresa at all) called him and alerted him to Teresa’s missing status, he went over to their house.  They magically cracked the code of her online password and accessed her phone records. Whooooooooo thinks to find cell phone records immediately???? Stalker type shit! The brother looks like he’s nervous. He is saying he cannot remember what her password was. Lies. Once you figure out someone’s password, you don’t forget. He’s lying. He’s asked when was the last time he saw her and if it was day or night, he doesn’t remember. How can you not remember when you went to someone’s home? Asked if him and the roommate were questioned in different rooms or together, he doesn’t recall. How do you not know if you were in the same room during questioning? Also, the police did not ask for any alibi. Oh wow! And he had backstage access to the Avery property. Kratz is such a piece of shit.He calls the ex an excellent investigator or some shit.

The aunt gets involved in the search and low and behold she is the ONLY one given a camera and the only search party going to the Avery property and no one else?????????

Set up.

Lol She said she was given a direct line to Sheriff Pagel. She found the car in 30 minutes. The police had been there. She found the car in 30 minutes.  She said God led her there.

Set. Up

Buting does not buy this shit.

Neither do I.

Tammy told Steve that a cop planted the car on his property.

Buting has a recorded call of Colborn having the dispatcher to run Teresa’s plate…while she was missing?????????? What. The. Fuck.

And in Manitowoc fashion, he doesn’t recall all of the details and claims it was not from the plate but info given to him. Well why would you call the dispatcher if another cop, like a superior, gave you this info??? This. Nigga. Here. Has the WORST recollection EVER! He didn’t recall shit in episode 1 or 5. Or 12 years ago.

I need a serious mental break from this show. It is draining all of my emotions. How Moira and Laura lived in this God forsaken town for 2 years is beyond me. I do, however, appreciate everything they put into this project.



‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 4 Recap

Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted. Also, please excuse my sentence structure and colorful language as I am live blogging as I watch the episode. 

To read all of the ‘Making a Murderer’ recaps I have written so far, click here.

Brendan is in the Sheboygan County juvenile detention center. It’s a recorded phone call of him and  Barb. She’s having Brendan’s dad record Wrestlemania, still holding out hopes that he’ll be home. She asked Brendan if he liked his lawyer, he said, “well we like the same animal.” Which is great because Barb just bought him another cat, his favorite animal. The chances of this cat still being alive when Brendan is freed are astronomic. His mother, like any mother, is fighting as much as she can to the best of her ability. She keeps telling him that he is coming home, I’m pretty sure that she believes this too. However, Brendan is doubtful and thinks he won’t be home at least for a year. Think about that.  He thinks a year is a reasonable amount of time for him to be in jail after confessing to kidnap, rape, and imprisonment. Poor thing. He tells his mom that the investigators told him what to say. Also, Brendan is told that his statements have been inconsistent and he asks Barb what the word ‘inconsistent’ means. She says, “I don’t know.”  He has no idea. He still hasn’t met his new lawyer Len Kachinsky aka Creepy Niles Crane. They end the call with Barb saying, “I love you Turkey.”

Steven has an interview with Associated Press and says he feels sorry for Brendan because of the way the investigators coerced him. He knows how this makes him look when his own nephew is saying he’s guilty and that he made him help rape and kill Teresa. AP  asks Steven if Brendan was smart, he said “not really”. The media  and Kachinsky made it seem like it was a coded threat to Brendan for confessing.

Is this real?

dance what wait what

Len Kachinsky is pleading Brendan’s case as if he’s guilty. He doesn’t seem to believe that Brendan is innocent in the least. At the time that he was given Brendan’s case by the DA, he was a public defender. He had just lost coming in 3rd place for a seat on the Circuit Court. He has something to prove, so most likely he will not be looking to buy into the whole  “Steven Avery was framed” or believe Brendan if he tells him he really didn’t do it. I don’t like the way he looks. He looks like the guy that gets prostitutes and makes them bathe and scrub themselves in scalding hot water, then kills them after he’s had sex with them. Maybe even lets them live for a little while before he tortures them.  In an interview, he called Steven Avery, “evil incarnate” and this is before he ever met Brendan.
He also told the press that it’s common for the investigators to interrogate a minor without anyone (his mom) present. However, he is still making a (weak) attempt to get Brendan’s confession thrown out. If his confession is admissible, he will possibly have to testify against Steven.

The judge, after stating that Brendan obviously has learning disabilities but  never truly delving into exactly what they are, finds his confession admissible. Interesting, but not surprising. They think that a boy who thinks he can just swing by school to turn an assignment AFTER confessing to murder and rape has a firm grip on reality.

Ok. Still not seeing how this isn’t completely fucked up. But ok.

Fassbender coerced Brendan. We saw the tape. Unless the creators had some type of magic, we saw that with our own 2 eyes and heard it with our own 2 ears. My question is this though, why did the investigators keep coming after Brendan? Did they know he was an easy target? Did they have some actual evidence that they STILL haven’t disclosed? The way this documentary is set up, it seems as though the confession is what is needed for a conviction. If the evidence were really that strong the judge would’ve thrown Brendan’s confession out…because I am convinced they are all in on this shit. Or do they just want Brendan’s confession as a safety net?

Oh look, Mike Halbach. He makes my skin crawl. Something is wrong with this dude.

Scumbag Steve as Mike Halbach from this point forward

Back to the greaseball. He is feigning disappointment for the cameras and saying that he’ll give it the old college try and again, the possibility of testifying against Steven is not out of the question.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a lawyers job to actually fight for and in the interest of their client?? Also, don’t investigators actually INVESTIGATE things? I am so confused by this dynamic duo of Kachinsky and Michael O’Kelly, the “investigator”. Not only have I not seen him investigate shit, he is also interrogating and berating his own client. How in the hell does that work?
This is so nauseating to watch. Most of us can sympathize with Brendan as he is sitting in this desk being talked to like he’s a “bad boy” by this fucking prick. It’s like he is mentally torturing him making him do things that he knows he should not be doing. You can see the agony and most likely hurt in Brendan’s face. He just wants this to be over and is afraid to disappoint anyone with the wrong answer. He tells the truth, he’s told he’s lying. That is such a harsh thing to take, someone calling you a liar, especially when you aren’t lying.Brendan writes down the story of how he went home, played his game, and went to the bon fire. O’kelly might as well have smacked his knuckles with a ruler. In a very subtle way he is demanding that Brendan write down that he killed Teresa or he and Kachinsky can’t AND WON’T help him. Some fucking help buddy!


O’kelly- Are you sorry for what you did?
Brendan- I don’t know because I didn’t do anything.
O’kelly- If you’re (not) sorry I can’t help you.
You did a very bad thing.
I want you to testify against Steven Avery and tell the truth. This is how I can help you.



Apparently Brendan later caves in and just writes what O’kelly’s punk ass wants to hear. After this he makes Brendan draw a picture of him stabbing Teresa, one of him raping Teresa, and another…a big picture of how they had her bound to the bed. Shakes Brendan’s hand…and then calls the douchebag investigators.  I am fucking speechless.

Sheriff Peterson, fucking bastard, says on the news that it would be easier to kill Steven than it would be to frame him…he says that shit on the news. Strang is furious and brings it up to the judge. Peterson is slapped on the hand with the rest of the Manitowoc officials and told to chill for a bit.

They are showing Brendan’s  451255125th interrogation. They are literally telling him how he abd Steven  murdered Teresa.Then they pulled the “what do you think your mom would say” shit knowing that Brendan is a little timid around  Barb. So after 3 1/2 hours and so that he wouldn’t get into trouble, he does as the detectives tell him to do and admits AGAIN to them that he and Steven killed Teresa.

He calls Barb and tells her what he’s done. He is wanting to know if the investigators called her. They have not. From what she says, no one ever calls her. Surprise, surprise. Then Brendan breaks the news to her that Steven murdered Teresa and that he is afraid to face him, meaning he doesn’t want to testify. She says, “You know what Brendan, you do what you gotta do!” For a moment she is questioning how in the hell he did all of that nurder, rape, hair cut, and kidnapping and was home in time for dinner. But she doesn’t press him enough because she’s probably trying not to have a heart attack.

Jodi is home and Barb just told her what Brendan says. Jodi is probably going through it. She’s trying to stand by her man, without drinking. I’m sure it’s hard.

The time now is totally opposite of how this fucking episode began.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
I cannot be mad at Brendan.
Damnit Brendan!

Steve is questioning how in the hell he is supposed to get a fair trial. This is a legit wiestion because his face os on EVERY news outlet, even national.

Now we’re back with Jodi at the salvage yard. She is talking anout a phone bill from wjen she was incarcerrated. Woooooaaaah… So Jodi talked to Steven on the same day that he supposedly raped, kidnapped, and imprisoned a lady?? They have recorded calls from when she was locked up and they talked on the phone twice the very same day. Once while he was murdering and the other when hbe was about to eother go to skeep or destroy the evidence.

Pete Baetz is an investigator for the defense and he is saying how the search was unorganized and took way too much time. He comments how the key wasn’t found on aby of the initial searches of the house. I find that strange too bacause it was in such an obvious place.

How in the fuck….so the key to Teresa’s car they found only had Steven’s DNA on it??????  Did Steven boil the key in Clorox and then touch it with his bloody cut finger?? The surprises are endless with this case.

So you know who is getting on my nerves????
Now he is saying that they didn’t do it and that if Steven did do it, it sure in the hell wasn’t with him…maybe. Poor Barb.

Barb- Why’d you say all of this shit if it’s not true and how did you came up with it?
Brendan- Guessed.
Barb- What do you mean guessing?
Brendan- Guessing
Barb- You don’t guess with something like that Brendan
Brendan- Well that’s what I do with my homework too.
Barb-Yeah, I know.
At this point Barb just gets tongue tied and ultimately frustrated. I can only imagine the challenges that a person who has a child with learning disabilities. To compound that, she may or may not understand everything 100% but she understands enough to know that her son is fucked.

“You’re not stupid to me!” Barb to Brendan.

Jodi says she wants to drink all the time because the situation frustrating and nerve wracking. 2 seconds later she says she had a couple beers. She got caught drinking 2 days later and spent 5 nights in jail. As part of her probation she has to move away and sever all ties with Steven. She seems like a ride or die chick. I wonder if she’ll actually stay away.

Welp, yep she did move away and now she’s trying to fight the “no contact with Steven” aspect of her probation. She says she ain’t going nowhere no matter where she is. Stahd by your man, Jodi!

Allan Avery is thumbing through the County Sheriff’s yearbook and finds Kenny Peterson from 1982. He’s the one that arrested Steven in 1985. Now back to court and this fool, Peterson just said that he doubts that Steven was innocent of the rape and attempted murder case. EVEN THOUGH DNA evidence proved otherwise. HMMMM……. Now he doesn’t remember the depositions from the whole fucking sheriff’s office and a $36,000,000 law suit?? Get the fuck outta here! He’s another dick! These assholes like the word “recall”.

Steven has absolutely no chance of a fair trial. I really don’t feel like I need to watch the rest because I know that he is in prison. This is the sickest shit I have ever seen play out.

Uh oh…Barb is ready to spit nails. Kachinsky is talking about how she has the disposition of a pitbull. Really? He’s not answering Barb’s phone calls but gave Brendan a plea bargain to sign without Barb’s consent or counseling her. Barb is trying to explain to Brendan what a plea bargain is, and telling him that his attorney wants to put him away.

“I’m getting rid of Len, because he’s not helping my son.”

Barb really got the short end of this shit. All she did was came home from work and her son confessed to some shit that he made up in his mind.

There is a hearing to see if Kachinsky can be dismissed. Kachinsky thinks Avery is the reason why, not the fact that he thinks his client is guilty.The judge is asking Brendan how his relationship is with his lawyer. Brendan. He’s asking Brendan. Brendan doesn’t even know what inconsistent means, but he knows he needs a different lawyer because his lawyer thinks he’s guilty. The judge denied that motion. Barb storms off the elevator and says, “bastards!” and Kachinsky walks away with his high water pants.

They locked up Jodi for passing Steven on her way to court??? There has to be more to the story. She tells Chuck, Steven’s brother that they are over. He says that his relationship was his only reason for hanging on. “I got nothin now.” I must admit, I did not see that coming.

Brendan’s mom has him to write a letter to the judge saying that he is innocent. Kachinsky says that it is dumb that they did it. He’s so smug reading the letter and thinks it’s amusing apparently. He also eludes to Brendan being inconsistent on purpose.

Judge Fox dismissed Kachinsky finally for letting Brendan get interrogated alone. Fucking asshole.

The mystery still remains, what have the Avery’s done to deserve all of this vehemence?

So Lenk lost evidence that could have helped Steven back at the time of his rape trial. Also…..the blood has been tampered with?????? THE ENTIRE FUCK!!!! They cut open a sealed box that contained a vile of Steven’s blood and then put scotch tape back on it. Wow! Buting calls it a “red letter day” for the defense. This is episode 4, and Steven is in jail. I cannot wait to see just how much bullshit they spin to make this look legit. I really want to be excited with the defense, but I know how this story ends.

This is beyond fucked up.