I am no journalist, nor do I pretend to be one. I just like to write and talk; it’s cathartic for me. Having a podcast allows me to have an open forum to discuss topics that interest me with people that I know and also meet great  new people. It also allows me the ability to evolve and to understand people more. Having different ideas and opinions from those that you are around can sometimes be frustrating, but in my case it has been an awesome experience that I believe has made me a better woman, a better daughter, a better friend, a better mother. I have had great discussions and debates, I have been enlightened, and I have been able to shed light. I think that is really what it is about though, learning and growing, changing, and yet staying the same at your core, because after all, your core is who you are. I have always thought of myself as a passionate person…for things that interest me anyway.  And my interests are plentiful. As a child and a teen I loved to read and write; I would often write poetry and plays, I even started a few books in my late teen aged years and early 20’s. Most of all of the stories were the same though, they were all mostly about love. Whether it be found or lost, love was almost always at the root. Finally in my late 20’s, after I was sick of love, I expanded my horizons to crafts such as drawing, painting, paper crafting, jewelry making, cooking, baking, etc. I had this energy in me always that wanted to create something great and beautiful. To have the capability to form things with my hands, to be able to find the beauty in the madness,  and to be able take nothing and make it into something. Now that  am older and a little wiser, I realize that the energy in me is passion trying to escape and manifest itself. When I became a mother I applied myself to the fullest thinking that this was it, this was where I would exhaust all of my creative energy and be completely satisfied…but nope! My creativeness seems to have doubled and I find that I have so many more ideas than I ever had in life.

I wrote all of that random, most likely unrelated stuff to say this…

In my mind, this podcast and blog are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that I want to do that will engage people and build our community. On the podcast, we get to be random and goofy and if we want, we can be serious and thoughtful. I want to be more serious and thoughtful without being too heavy. Now, before you say that “life is heavy”, chill. I know. I understand. But as I stated in the beginning, I’m not a journalist and Unscripted Podcast isn’t a news show.

In previous episodes I have mentioned (it’s even in our ‘About’) that we will have a book club and discuss books on the show. I meant it. Starting now, I am officially starting the Unscripted Book Club. Today, I am the only member, however, anyone can join and it’s free.

The way it will work is that book club members (me or do I say ‘I’-_-) will suggest fiction and non fiction (mostly fiction) books monthly and the next month we will discuss the book via discussion questions either made up or found on the net. Since it is only me right now I will post the discussion questions here on the blog. If the book club ever gets enough people, we may move to a group page or discussion board such as Facebook, or Good Reads. Audio books are welcome, just make sure it is the unabridged version unless otherwise stated.

The book for June will be Negroland a memoir by Margo Jefferson.

We (I the sole member of Unscripted Book Club) look forward to you joining us (me) for the June reading.



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