Ep 27 #FIUF Cuffing Season Solstice



Ep 27  #FIUF Cuffing Season Solstice

That day has arrived guys and dolls and we are at the finish line. It is officially Friday and we are TURNED ALL THE WAY UP!!!

In this episode Lindsey and Lish discuss #MLKNow and give out the #ByeFeliciaFriday award to Stacey Dash and Alexis Arquette.

ALSO, thanks to global warming, Cuffing Season is officially upon us! Better late than never, right? The forecasts are predicting that  Old Man Winter is coming through to bless us with enough white stuff that would even make Keith Richards blush! So what better time to get accidentally snowed in on purpose?? And as a special bonus to help you set the mood, we’re giving you access to the Procreation Playlist aka The Panty Dropper Playlist. Just play it for your boo…or alone if that is your thing…and wait for the magic to happen!

The link to the playlist is here, but hyperlinks may be disabled in certain podcast apps such as iTunes. If so, head over to the blog and check it out!

**We take no financial responsibility from any human lives that are created while listening to the Procreation Playlist.**

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