Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.
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This episode is all about the evidence, or lack there off. I don’t know if they will be discussing the blood or not, but I do know that the validity of the blood is important. The defense has suspicions that it was planted in the vehicle.

And here is the Kratz and Pagel in a press meeting…I assume lying about something. I don’t trust anyone on the side of the state in this case.

He is describing how Brendan, I’m sorry, 16 year old Brendan, told them that Steven went and got a butcher knife and then stabbed Teresa in her stomach. She didn’t die. Steven then hands Brendan the knife and makes him cut Teresa’s throat. She still doesn’t die. So then Steven strangles and shoots her. It sounds very gruesome and tragic. The only problem is that none of the DNA evidence that has been introduced thus far supports this. I’m still wondering where all of the hair from the hair cut went.

Apparently the state is a little skeptical of Brendan’s account too, but not skeptical enough not to place this same scene Brendan describes into a different part of the property. EVEN THOUGH Brendan told them it took place in the trailer. Hmmmm…let’s see where they planted evid..I mean, discovered enough evidence to prove their other theory. They know that the garage was part of the crime scene? Huh? How? Oh! “A substantial amount of physical evidence that now makes sense.” Clear as mud. Thanks Kratz!

And now for the Game of Thrones-ish theme music. This had to be on purpose.

The defense thinks that Brendan won’t be called as a witness against Steven. The main reason is because his story is so inconsistent every time they ask. They are also afraid that the jury already has an opinion about Steven. Strang says they need to work on disproving the prosecution’s evidence and theory. In a perfect world, that would definitely work. But we are in Manito-fucking-woc County, Wisconsin, there is no such thing as justice or logic here.

4 months later there is another search. This is the most bizarre shit I have ever seen. There have been so many searches of this property, who is quality controlling this shit making sure nothing is planted? The crime scene investigator says they found a shell casing under a compressor. It looked like a flattened bullet. AHA! Someone from Manitowoc Sheriff’s department was there. I thought they were supposed to be completely out of this?? No bullets were found in November 2005, but there was some in March 2006. Magical bullets and magical keys. I need to go to Manitowoc and lose my virginity so that it magically reappears.


Lieutenant Lenk was at the search too? Buting is cross examining Fassbaneder. 4 months after the initial search and then when they figured out that there was a shooting they just so happened to find bullets. AND THEY HAD SEARCHED THE GARAGE 5 OTHER TIMES PREVIOUSLY!!!!!!!


Of course you aren’t sure, Fassbender. Are you ever??

Detective Fassbender…no?

He also doesn’t believe that it’s an accurate statement that up until February 28th, there was no physical evidence linking Steven Avery to the crime. Ha! Of course.

So far it looks like the defense is winning, but you and I know where Steven is.

Buting asks Fassbender if within the 4 months of investigations have they found any evidence that Teresa was in Steven’s home. The answer is no.  Kratz asks if he remembers the 1st search of the property where they found  Teresa’s phone number being found on Steven’s table, and also a bill of sale. So…wasn’t she the photographer? A bill of sale is evidence of someone being in your home?  Fassbender says yes. Kratz just tried to make it seem like Bobby Dassey testified that Teresa was in the trailer when he clearly never did. It’s over ruled and the judge sustains it. I think he only sustains it to look like he’s going through the motions.

Now there is a lady that sounds like Lilly Tomlin testifying about the bone fragments. She is a forensic anthropologist. Her opinion is that Teresa was shot in the head. She calls it homicidal violence. Poor Teresa. I feel so bad for her family…except Mike. I don’t trust him.

Now is the testimony of the DNA Technical Unit Leader. She was able to extract Teresa’a DNA from the bullet…sort of. In the midst of doing this, she introduced her own DNA into the sample. Also, she can’t say for sure that the DNA on the bullet was from blood or what the source was or where it came from.

My favorite reporter is here. Just as skeptical as the rest of us. Is this DNA even valid? And why? She is asking Gahn if Teresa’s DNA could have been transferred to the bullet, as in planted. Gahn says that is not even remotely possible because they are all good christian people. Ok, he doesn’t say that, but he may as well had. The kicker is that the defense was never able to get the sample run again because the technician used what little DNA she had in another re test. The defense initially asked could they have some one there to observe the DNA test and the lab said no. They didn’t want to risk any contamination…more than the lab tech’s contamination…of HER OWN FUCKING DNA??



Not only that but in the case communication record, the technician testifies that she was told by Fassbender to try make the DNA evidence put Teresa in the garage or his house. But of course it had no bearing on her findings.

Gahn is trying to spin this to make the DNA look credible. My favorite reporter is asking if his bullshit excuse makes sense to the jury? He says yes.

Allan, Steven’s dad, asks where the blood is from this gruesome murder. One of the questions I have been asking from jump. Still no answers.

Exhibit 237 shows that the investigators jack hammered concrete chunks out of the garage floor thinking there was blood in the cracks. No blood. How do you clean ALL OF THE BLOOD from a murder scene?? Buting is basically establishing that there is none of Teresa’s DNA anywhere in Steven’s home or garage, or Brendan’s. 

“We have lots and lots of scientific evidence in this case.”

-Ken Katz, most likely on prescription narcotics.

We are back to the bone lady. She testified that she cannot rule out that there was more than 1…or 2 burn sites.The quarry pile materials showed up in the remains.

A forensic scientist is testifying about an email with himself and Fassbender stating that there was not a thorough photo record of the scene where the remains were found because his team was not the ones working it from start to finish. They were only there for technical assistance rather than complete scene processing.Also, that Detective Fassbenderdid not call a forensic anthropologist to the scene.

Another scientist, a forensic anthropologist basically says  that the scene where the cremains were was not organized. In his opinion it wasn’t a “forensic archaeological approach”. He says that the organization and approach matters because they have to be able to find evidence from the bones collected. I’ve watched so much NCIS, I already knew this though. He also says that the original burn location was not behind Steven’s house.

Again, the defense APPEARS to be winning. Appears to be.

Allan has shaved his facial hair and looks like he is trying to stay in good spirits. Delores looks so tired. Bless her heart. She goes to the vending machine and gets a candy bar and Allan says that the candy will be hard on her…

Hand to God! I cannot make this up!!

Now we are on the RAV 4. There is a bloodstain pattern analyst on the stand. He points out a bloody hair print in the back of the truck. Buting says it helps the case because why would Steven transfer the body to burn in the burn pit that is directly behind his home? The prosecutors says the burn pit is the burn site. This doesn’t fit with their theory.

Barb’s husband, Scott Tydach, testifies for the prosecution that he saw high flames coming from the fire pit about 8-10 feet high. He said that Steven was near the fire. He is stating exact times of his arrivals and departures on the day that Teresa came up missing. He recalls the times to the minute. Buting asks him if he clearly remembers all of the details that he just stated from like 16 months ago. He says yes. The defense proceeds to asks him if he remembers talking to some police officers. Apparently, his testimony to them was completely different than what he says now on the stand. His time tables were different. The recollection of the fire pit was different. He also had a conversation with an investigator where he said he was trying to sell one of Barb’s son’s .22’s to a guy at work. He doesn’t remember that either.But hey, everything that supports the prosecutions theory, he can recall.  Of course.

Bobby is back on the stand. His testimony contradicts his step father’s recollection and time tables. No one else saw either one of them and the step dad was trying to sell a gun. Hmmmmmm…… Another suspect?

The bus driver says she drops the Dassey boys off at the same time everyday. She remembers seeing Teresa taking pictures that day. The same time Bobby says he didn’t see Teresa at that time, only her truck. Scott says the same thing. Boom!

Yet another chink in the chain. The reporters are really tripping on all of the inconsistencies. I am sure that the prosecution isn’t worried because they know they are going to win.

“Who better than a police officer would know how to frame somebody?” -Jerome Buting







7 thoughts on “‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 6 Recap

  1. Okay, I’m reading after watching episode six and having absolute no prior knowledge about Avery or the whole case.
    AND YOU GIVE AWAY AVERY’S FATE?? 😦 I’m very disappointed. Was hoping to remain unspoiled


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