1. You are reading this blog post.

2. You have spent more time than you care to admit, scouring the internet for clues, theories, and articles. 

3. You read threads on Reddit and Facebook, sometimes even leaving comments, disagreeing, and agreeing with other users. You’ve made virtual bonds with people you don’t even know just because they support your theory. Now you and your new ‘Making a Murderer’ bestie tag each other in other posts and threads and camp out in the comment section with full blown conversations about the latest topic.

4. You have started using the words injustice, coerce, evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, corruption, and phrases like “this is some bullshit!” a lot more than you ever have in your life.

5. You are strongly considering a career as a PI because you really feel like given the resources and opportunity, you could have handled the Avery case much better than the County of Manitowoc. You may even be planning on conducting your own investigation.

6. You’ve already vowed never in life to go to Manitowoc County, and have considered writing into congress asking if we can just remove the state of Wisconsin from the union. 

7. You’ve added shows such as NCIS, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds to your Netflix watch list and started listening to Serial Podcast just to brush up on your crime scene investigatory skills and legal jargon.

8. You and your coworkers, some you may not know by name, spend a good amount of time talking in depth about the show when you should be working.

9. You haven’t slept right since you discovered the show because you’ve been trying to finish it without stopping.

10. You have told 10 people, who have told 10 people, who have told 10 people to watch it, thereby increasing your chances of having other people to discuss the trial with.


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