‘Making a Murderer’ Ep 5 Recap

Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.


Self inflicted pain and agony is what watching this series is. I seriously dread coming home to watch it, but I cannot seem to stop. It has been consuming my free time lately because I decided to live blog and watch. A good amount of my friends are watching or have watched and like me, are conducting their own investigations on the internet. We even discuss it at work, on the phone, via text, and on all social media outlets.  I knew it was only a matter of time before the buzz made its way to NPR. On my drive to work this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of my favs, Renee Montagne, interviewing show creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi. You can listen to the interview here. I was really happy that they were covering the show because it makes me feel like my obsession is justified now. 🙂

If you have not already read all of the other ‘Making a Murderer’ recaps I’ve written, you can read them here. Keep in mind that they  are all created as I watch the show. I will not lie and say that sometimes I do not pause the show just to type a sentence or two, but for the most part, everything is just like live tweeting.

Now I am starting the episode. Times like this, I really wish I enjoyed wine.

I sense that the fuckery will be strong with this one. The prosecution is scrambling to prevent the vial of blood from being used as evidence and to have a test run that can prove whether the blood was planted or not. I didn’t know that such a test existed. This should be interesting.

If you would like to read about such tests in the OJ trial click here and here. To learn more about test tubes and EDTA click here and also here is another great thread of discussion on Reddit about the trial, disappoint, disbelief, and ultimate disgust at our justice system. 

I love how Kratz is pleading that the law officials deserve the chance to have their reputations protected…because you know, us common peasants don’t. GTFOH!

“Good solid decent family men” is what he calls them. The same men who fucking framed Steven for rape and let him rot in prison for 18 years.

So the test that they are trying to use is one that the FBI no longer uses because it’s not reliable? I wonder if it reached the status of unreliability around the time OJ’s dumbass went to prison for stupid shit. The judge allows the unreliable test that helped OJ Simpson. Well of course.

Blogging about this show while  watching has proven to be a lot tougher than I perceived. The best part is that I’ve watched every episode twice. I really feel like I could have been on the defense team at this point. I used to watch Ally McBeal as a kid, Law and Order has been on AND in syndication almost my entire life, plus I watch NCIS. I’m actually over qualified at this point.

The state still hasn’t said whether or not they plan on calling Brendan to testify.

Aha! I knew they needed Brendan’s testimony and they are stalling for another tactic. 

And here is why…The defense says that if they don’t use Brendan’s testimony, the sexual assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment charges should be dropped. The prosecution probably doesn’t want to use Brendan because he’s such a wild card. They also ask for curative jury instructions due to the high profile case. I don’t know who the impartial jurors could possible be because they did not request a change of venue. Surely anybody not living under a rock has already formed some type of opinion by now.

Strang is demanding they let them know whether or not to use Brendan. Kratz and his fat funky ass is asking for special treatment. Strang argues that they went out of their way to diminish Steven’s presumption of innocence and it is their job to “swim up stream”. Man, Strang is pissed and just made a valid point of how they were wrong the first time about Steven and are wrong this time. There has been virtually no change in the way the state is conducting itself from the first time they wrongfully accused him. It’s probably even worse at this point, IMHO.

The state drops the sexual assault and kidnapping charge. But it’s too fucking late because this is what the world knows. Out of 130 jury questionnaires 1 person thinks he’s innocent. 1.

All the jurors are Manitowic county residents. Fucking Aye!

Delores looks so tired.

I feel so bad for the Halbach’s. The mother is very brave and strong to sit through this without completely breaking down.

I think her son did it.

Steven is commenting about how no one else has been investigated.

The defense’s plan is to try and make the jury see that there is a possibility that the murder did not happen the way the defense claims and to hopefully shine a light on someone else.

Strang doesn’t trust the FBI and doesn’t have faith that they will come back without some bullshit. He believes that if he can sway the jury about the key, and how there is NONE of Teresa’s DNA on the key, then he can make some progress.

The defense is laying it out. He basically tells the jury that before the police even know Teresa is dead that they immediately went to lock Steve up. AS SOON as it happened. “Whoever killed her exploited that tunnel vision skillfully.” How does anyone know that Steven was the last person Teresa saw if they have not interviewed or interrogated ANYBODY ELSE?

Wait..who is Bobby?? Brendan has a brother? Oh Lord! Is he slow too??? So he said Teresa’s car was still in the driveway when he was leaving??? And he asked him if he would help Steven get rid of a body????

star trek frustrated facepalm picard confession

What. The. Fuck??????????????????????

Wait….so the defense didn’t even know about this and has a TOTALLY different account!!!

Oh shit! So Kratz just did some fuck shit and tried to trip up Bobby! The story was from November 3rd. The reporter just asked Kratz to clarify and he said Bobby established November 3rd.

All the reporters were like, “NO!! YOU established it!!” FUCK SHIT!!!

Omg! He had to have been on Vicodin, Oxi, Xanax, and crack if he thinks these reported are making a big deal out of nothing!! Unbelievable!

Kratz didn’t call Mike to the stand because Mike told the truth!! Mike said that Steven was joking with them on the 10th, not the 3rd. 

Strang mentions a mistrial and mutters some other shit, and I am just sitting here with my mouth agape. when it’s his turn with the press,  Strang is being very candid with the reporters. One just mentions “prosecutorial misconduct.” They are just and confused as I am!!

Delores and Allan are very pissed and basically said it wasn’t nice for Bobby to say those things.

The defense has an idea of who did it, but they aren’t saying it. I wish one of them would throw caution to the wind and give the info to Anonymous!

Mike Halbach aka Scumbag Steve is on the stand. Why does he know his sister’s voicemail password? So convenient.

The Cingular Wireless engineer says that some voicemail messages were erased. But Mike says he didn’t erase any of the messages. Ummmmmm hmmmmmmm. I’m telling y’all…

Someone who worked with Teresa commented on her remark of someone calling her repeatedly and says, “Not him again.” He doesn’t know exactly who it was, but Teresa did. The defense is setting up reasonable doubt. But who was it on the phone??

Who in the fuck is checking her voicemail!!!!!???!!! At a time that no one knew Teresa was missing, someone was checking her voicemail??? The prosecution is mad because they are being outsmarted! Ooohhhhhhh Kratz has no idea who erased the voicemail and what is worse is that he never bothered to investigate! The defense, IMO is doing a great job, any rational and untainted jury should have been able to see all of this negligence. The judge is a son of a bitch!

The defense had the same fucking evidence that the prosecutors had. HOWEVER they didn’t look at anything! Now they want to object?

Fassbender is on the stand. Lying. Who the fuck else was investigated? He looks like a coke head and cannot produce any other suspects.

The scumbag ex boyfriend. He says that when Teresa’a roommate (a guy that the ex was ll too quick to say was not dating Teresa at all) called him and alerted him to Teresa’s missing status, he went over to their house.  They magically cracked the code of her online password and accessed her phone records. Whooooooooo thinks to find cell phone records immediately???? Stalker type shit! The brother looks like he’s nervous. He is saying he cannot remember what her password was. Lies. Once you figure out someone’s password, you don’t forget. He’s lying. He’s asked when was the last time he saw her and if it was day or night, he doesn’t remember. How can you not remember when you went to someone’s home? Asked if him and the roommate were questioned in different rooms or together, he doesn’t recall. How do you not know if you were in the same room during questioning? Also, the police did not ask for any alibi. Oh wow! And he had backstage access to the Avery property. Kratz is such a piece of shit.He calls the ex an excellent investigator or some shit.

The aunt gets involved in the search and low and behold she is the ONLY one given a camera and the only search party going to the Avery property and no one else?????????

Set up.

Lol She said she was given a direct line to Sheriff Pagel. She found the car in 30 minutes. The police had been there. She found the car in 30 minutes.  She said God led her there.

Set. Up

Buting does not buy this shit.

Neither do I.

Tammy told Steve that a cop planted the car on his property.

Buting has a recorded call of Colborn having the dispatcher to run Teresa’s plate…while she was missing?????????? What. The. Fuck.

And in Manitowoc fashion, he doesn’t recall all of the details and claims it was not from the plate but info given to him. Well why would you call the dispatcher if another cop, like a superior, gave you this info??? This. Nigga. Here. Has the WORST recollection EVER! He didn’t recall shit in episode 1 or 5. Or 12 years ago.

I need a serious mental break from this show. It is draining all of my emotions. How Moira and Laura lived in this God forsaken town for 2 years is beyond me. I do, however, appreciate everything they put into this project.




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