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Ok so you all know my thoughts so far on this series from my blog posts, tweets, and Facebook posts for those of you that follow me. 3 episodes in and I am really feeling like Steven has been framed and that Brendan was pressured into a false confession. I know that I could be wrong, though and I am really interested in hearing your theories, speculations, doubts, and thoughts.

I’ve read where quite a few people think that there is a possibility that Steven is guilty based on evidence that was excluded from the documentary, however, from what I have read that evidence is still not concrete in my opinion.

Below are some links of articles and also an episode of ID Channels Did He Do It.

There is quite a lot of interesting information out on the interwebs, and now, thanks to this documentary by creators Moira Demos and Laura Riccardi more and more people are starting to really open their eyes to just how much corruption there is in our justice system.

My wish is that with this space that has been created by shows like ‘Making a Murderer’ and the famous podcast, Serial, more of us will start not only questioning and challenging the justice system more, but also start to put forth the same amount of passion and effort towards other victims of gross negligence by law officials. From the lack of supporting evidence to the misuse of power and force, many Americans, poor and minorities, have suffered at the hand of our justice system. This is not only a race issue, nor has it ever been and I hope that now because of social media activism and media exposure, we can finally start making some REAL progress in reform. The black community has been yelling to the wall for DECADES about this same abuse and corruption. Maybe now, our voices will finally start to be heard louder and understanding will start taking place.

And not that I have to address this, but I just feel like I need to say this……
For all of those #AllLivesMatter supporters and opponents* (I did not realize spell check changed that) of #BlackLivesMatter, please know that we are just as angry and outraged by seeing this shit as we are to seeing Tamir Rice’s murderer free, Treyvon Martin’s murderer free, the man and system that put Sandra Bland behind bars and killed him not being held accountable, and the list goes on. THIS IS HOW THIS SHIT WORKS!! Other human beings having compassion and wanting justice for other human beings.  Justice for one means justice for all. Until we all realize that the same fucked up circumstances that hurt one can definitely hurt the other, then and only then can we start seeing real change. We need each other, otherwise the corrupt ones in power will continue to terrorize and marginalize us all.


ID Did He Do It Reputation of Evil 

Did you know that Steven’s brother Earl was accused of videotaping people with a hidden camera in his bathroom in 2011? Read about it here. Wait..what?? Really? This could go 2 ways, either the media can use this example to say “See! All of those Avery’s are crazy and perverts!” because Chuck was also charged with sexual assault in 1988. Or people like me can say, “Wait…did Earl frame Steven?”

Also, for your pleasure, here are some newspaper articles by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tom Kertscher documenting the Avery trial.

Ken Kratz the Sexting Prosecutor who told Wisconsin Public Radio he abused Vicodin and Xanax during the Avery prosecution and that his failing marriage played a role in the sexting misconduct.
The fact that we throw people in prison for abusing prescription drugs, but let lawyers prosecute people and uphold their cases is ridiculous to me. Every trial that Ken tried during that time should be reopened. He was a drug addict, is it too far fetched to say that he may not have been not turning evidence over to the defense or allowing fabricated evidence to be presented as legit?

Read the article here.

He also told People Magazine that most of the evidence that ties Steven to the murder was left out of the doc.

Also, here is a really good thread on Reddit that I read and it confirms that people are all having the  same questions…especially about the brother, Mike Halbach and the ex boyfriend.

Again, I am interested in this conversation and what you all are thinking about this trial and maybe even about the current corruption and questionable policing that is going on in our communities. Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear from you!



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