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Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.

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Also, I am blogging this as I am watching the show, so do not judge my sentence structure and use of expletives:) 

Added after watching:

This episode should be titled ‘FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!’

Damn this isn’t good when even Mark Gundrum (the legislator that was pushing Steven Avery Bill and  one pushing for reform in criminal investigations) is thinking that all the evidence looks like he’s guilty. However Governor Doyle is still going to sign the despite the murder investigation. Then the state stops any action for the compensation of $450,000 and the depositions for the $36,000,000 law suit come to a screeching halt.

They won. Those bastards won. And it’s still not over.

Walter Kelly is just as shocked as I am at the rush to judgment by almost everyone. No one is even considering that he didn’t do it. I wonder if they will even have a trial at this point or just a public stoning.

Dec 6, 2005 Prelim and Erik Loy arrives. He is Steven’s appointed lawyer. The family is coming in being bombarded with questions by the reporters. I’m pretty sure that the entire Manitowoc County Sheriff’s office is present. The Judge is Patrick Willis. Why is the trial being held in Manitowoc county??? I’m jumping the gun, maybe his lawyer will ask for a change of  venue.

Kratz’s first witness is the lady that found the truck. She’s just as confused as I am as to why there are branches hiding the truck. Branches??? That was a terribly obvious thing to do.

Oh look..the infamous key that just so happens to be on the floor in Avery’s room that was found by Lenk and Colborn!!!! The key was found November 8th. No one saw the key on the initial search. Avery wasn’t even allowed in his home but somehow the key magically appeared in his bedroom. They are not even supposed to be helping in the search or investigation AT ALL!!!! If the judge lets the evidence stay I am calling bullshit.

Probable cause, even though the magic fucking key? I don’t know why I am acting surprised. It’s only 3 episodes in.

Here is Teresa’s brother again. Something about him is off to me.

So now Steven is on a $500,000 cash bond and he is basically telling his mom and dad that if he isn’t out in 2 weeks he’s killing himself. His dad says that he is going to put the business up, not to give up. So sad to hear this conversation.

“Poor people lose. Poor people lose all the time.” – Steven Avery

Easter cards to his kids with death threats to their mom is never a good idea.

At this point, he is saying he’ll give the money up, meaning the money from the law suit and compensation, for his freedom. It’s hard and crazy to know that this is only 2 years after he was freed from being in orison for 18 years. They end up paying him the $400,000 settlement that is not anywhere near enough for him to fight this case. The settlement also says that the county doesn’t admit any fault. It was a terrible deal IMO. But what was Steven supposed to do? That was the point.

Tom Kokourek is grinning like a Cheshire cat. Fucking slime ball.

Even the community is talking and knows that the key was planted. Granted the folks they are talking to are in a bar and look like they may or may not be inebriated…however, the whole town looks like this.

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting  are recommended to Steven by Stephen Green. They are immediately investigating the murder as a framing. I like these dudes. If I am understanding what Buting is saying, he thinks that it’s possible that Teresa was killed by someone else, not necessarily anyone in the county sheriff’s office, but the sheriff’s office took that opportunity to find the body and plant it on Steven to frame him. That makes sense too. If that’s the case who killed her??? I admit it does sound crazy when you say that someone in the county sheriff’s department conspired to have her killed. It does. BUT when you look at the timeline and everything else these bastards have done, you cannot put it past them. AND if it wasn’t them, then someone else took advantage of the fact that they knew she interacted with Avery and waited for that opportunity. That is fucking diabolical. The murder gods were smiling down on Manitowoc County on Halloween. That is some evil shit right there.

So Sheriff Herman says that it would have been impossible for them to plan to evidence. I beg to differ from you sir.

Who is this 16 year old  juvenile that is saying helped kill Teresa??

Oh snap! It’s Steve’s sister’s son. Her hair tho-_-

Brendan Dasssey said that he came home from school and he stumbles across his sweaty uncle raping Teresa Halbach while she is shackled to the bed. He said that Steven invites him in and then they kill her. Why didn’t they mention that there was DNA evidence on the bed ever?? How do you rape and kill someone with no DNA present??????

AND why did it take Brendan so long to come forward with this?? Where has he been? He’s locked up with a $250,000 bond. I cannot even spell Brendan’s lawyers name right now but he had to remove himself from the case because he is a distant cousin of Halbach.

The Wisconsin Innocence Project took Steven Avery’s picture off the website.

Steven is telling his sister that he didn’t do it and has no idea where Brendan got this story from. Wait…so this fool just admitted to a crime he didn’t commit…or did he commit it with someone else he’s trying to protect? Why would he do that shit? Steven tells her to talk to her son and ask where her son got that story from because it didn’t happen over by him. He gave his statement 4 months previously and it did not include anything about killing someone. His mom thinks that he was coerced into a confession. Me too…kind of.

Uhhhhh where is the brother Chuck Avery with the Dale Gribble glasses? According to this article, his ex wife accused him of sexual assault and attempted strangulation. Hmmmmm

Jodi is home after serving 7 months for a DUI. The house is a complete wreck but Jodi is commenting about any blood or anything being in the room where Teresa was supposedly killed.

To add insult to injury, the judge just made the decision not to allow the family to put their property up for bond. The lawyer is pissed and reminds them of the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

Wow and Sheriff Peterson just said that if Steven Avery was never release FROM A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT, then Teresa would still be alive.

Ressa Evans comes right back and says, if Steven was never wrongly convicted and IMPRISONED for almost 18 years by a corrupt fucking system, then maybe Teresa would still be alive. And also that this was WAY too sophisticated for the Steven Avery that she knew.

Brendan’s mom Barbara just says that after Jodi refused anymore visits and questioning from Detective Weigart and Fassbender, they went after Brendan. His mom says that he is a slow learner. I KNEW IT!!! Remember what I said about the family? They also spoke with hims 3 times without an adult or lawyer present after his mom said not to!! Isn’t that against the law????? Remind me never to go to Manitowoc County!

This interrogation is just wrong. It’s like they are goading him into saying shit, encouraging it even. Saying things like “be honest” after he has told them the same story repeatedly. Brendan doesn’t even look like he believes the shit he’s saying.

Buting says that the police are the only ones that knew Teresa was shot in the head. Up to this point, NO ONE had even mentioned or admitted to shooting her. It was secret evidence. Brendan said he stabbed her so the fucking investigator says, “something with her head” and it’s like playing charades at this point. Brendan is just trying to tell them what they want to hear. H e says Steven cut off her hair, punched her, and just whatever he can think of. The fact that he said cut off her hair though!!! Was there any strands of hair in the DNA evidence? Also, Brendan basically says anything that can happen to a persons head trying to get those fools off his back until the investigator just gets sick of it and says…”WHO SHOT HER IN THE HEAD?”… Then offers him a fucking sandwich. Brendan has no fucking clue of the seriousness of the situation because he says, “you think I could get back there at 1:29?” because he has to go back to school and turn in a project.

NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A project bruh! You are going to jail!

Then he asks will he only be arrested for a day. UMMMMMMMMM my blood is fucking boiling!!!

The best part…the BEST fucking part is that there is no evidence that any of the shit Brendan just admitted to! NONE!! And these dickwads Fassbender and Weigart are gloating.

Brendan!!! WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK MAN!!!!??????!!!!!!

















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