Before reading this please know that anytime I make light or seem like I am joking, it is because it is a coping mechanism. This story is extremely tragic and I in no way find humor in the situation. I do, however, find certain things to be very ironic and comical in the sense that our intelligence is being insulted.

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Quick thoughts:
I am going to say this because I know I am not the only one thinking it… The shit they did to Steven Avery is so interesting to me not because it shows just how fucked up and corrupt the justice system is, we already knew that. To know this, all one simply has to do is turn on the news or You Tube to see the latest use of excessive force on Black people in America. From Tamir Rice to Eric Garner to Sandra Bland, the list goes on and on and on. But sadly, it doesn’t surprise me. It has been going on for decades.  All of my life I have seen the war on black people. It takes different names and shapes, but it’s still the same battle. From oppression, to segregation, to mass incarceration…it’s always something. But this Steven Avery case is different because now it’s bringing the savageness and corruption to the mainstream and it’s showing it being used on one of them. A white man. The demographic that we all have been told for centuries are the ones that rule the world. It’s also a case where we get further proof that it’s not only about race, but class. We see how people in positions of power in the government get to go above the law and not receive any repercussions. I wonder if this will help some people to better understand just what the black community has been saying for a long time. Or will they see this as an isolated incident and fool themselves into believing that shit like this doesn’t happen often?

When I first watched episode 1, I noticed the lack of diversity in Manitowoc County. For the most part, everyone is white. In situations like this, where everyone looks the same, I have noticed that classism tends to be more prevalent. And this was absolutely the case for the Avery’s. They were the “white trash” of Manitiwoc, the way black people would be the “niggers” or “coloreds” in towns like this. They were the minority, at least that’s what the town folks thought. The undesirables. This automatically put them under a microscope, and probably attributed to any issues that they had. If they never felt like part of the community, why would they ever try to fit in, or socialize? The seclusion was probably a defense mechanism. Also, this could be a load of shit that I am making up, and my whole incest theory could be true or maybe they just are different.  Either way, there is an argument that they were targeted because they did not fit in.

Also…has anyone besides me noticed how the theme music eerily sounds like Game of Thrones???? Nobody??

Ok here’s the recap…

I am watching this as I type so keep that in mind when you read this post. At times my thoughts may seem incoherent, and they probably are, but it is due to the fact that I am doing a blog post similar to live tweeting.

It’s only episode 2 out of 10, so I am not expecting much in the way of hope. In this episode, we get a glimpse into what Steven was doing from the time he was released to the apparent murder charge we heard about at the end of episode 1.

I hate cliff hangers, that is why I love Netflix.

So now Steven is out. Living his life. Falling in love. Trying to get justice through his lawsuit. Also, he was working with state legislator Mark Gundrum, founder of the Avery Project. Gondrum pushed to get Steven $450,000 compensation from the State of Wisconsin for his wrongful imprisonment up from the $25,000 that was mandated. The Avery Task force also worked towards criminal justice reform. Steven also met with Patty Beernsten face to face and she apologized to him. He embraced her, and told her that “It’s ok. It’s over.”

I know, I know. I set myself up for disappointment, but I am a hopeless romantic.

And here is more of the deposition of Judy Dvorak the bitchy Deputy from episode 1. She of course doesn’t remember and her lawyer keeps try to tell her what to say. I must note again how awful her hair and skin look. The years have not been nice to her, probably because she’s had to deal with putting an innocent man behind bars just because of her prejudice toward him. The rate of ridiculousness in this is so frustrating.

Judy Dvorak…in my mind

Flash back to the deposition of “sketch artist” at the time, Chief Deputy Eugene Kusche, who also is no longer employed with the county, and he is really trying to sell it that this composite sketch is legit. He makes the remark “I don’t take what’s in the paper as gospel truth.” Then says, “Where did the evidence come from?” in reference to DNA evidence being fabricated. This fat fuck really pissed me off all over again. I hope we don’t see him again.

Eugene Kusche…in my mind

In October 2005 Steven was about to be awarded his $450,000 from Wisconsin. At this point, his civil rights lawyers were still pursuing the $36,000,000 lawsuit. The $450,000 would give Steven enough money to be able to stay in the lawsuit and survive in the meantime.

During this time Jodi, Steven’s fiance, gets arrested for a DUI.

The lawyers discover that 10 years into Steven’s sentence, Sergeant Andrew Colborn received a phone call from a Brown County detective that said he has someone in custody that is responsible for a crime that someone else is in prison for. Colborn never reported this and if her did, there is no paper trail of evidence of that. WHAT. THE. ENTIRE. FUCK??? 8 years later, after Steven got out, Colborn told his superior officer about the phone call, Lenk. AND HE DOESN’T RECALL TELLING ANYONE ELSE!!! It’s possible, but he can’t recall. REALLY??????? They then go contact Sheriff Peterson. The Sheriff then puts the report that Colborn made into a gawt damned safe. A. Safe. So instead of getting out after 10 years, Steven gets out after 18.

Doug Jones Asst DA had a convo with Eugene Kusche, the fat fuck that made the sketch, that implies Kusche knew about the wrongful conviction in 95 or 96. And of course, he cannot seem to recall the conversation either.

Hmmmmmm let me get this shit straight, you can recall every fucking detail of how you got that sketch, but you cannot remember something as important as you knowing good and gawt damn well that there was some fuck shit going on in the Sheriff’s office???????

How Sway???

So now we are learning that the insurance policies for Manitowoc County and the sheriff and DA…Kokourek, and Vogel won’t cover the bill if Avery wins his case. That means the County, the  former sheriff, and the former  DA will be responsible for the $36,000,000. WOAH.

That’s a lot of bread. Especially for a place that I have never heard of before. And how in the hell would any of them begin to pay that? Would they just extend Avery Road and rename Manitowoc Avery County? How does that work. I am not an investigator, but I watch a lot on tv, and I am pretty sure that the powers that be are not happy about this at all!

Here comes the bullshit…

Stephen Green gets a call from Walt, the other civil rights lawyer saying that a reporter is asking if he knows anything about the intersection in the lives of Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach. Who???

Teresa Halbach was a 25 year old  professional photographer for Auto Trader. Steven had an appointment with Teresa at 2pm on October 31, 2005 to photograph one of his cars. This was not Teresa’a frist time on the Avery property, as Steven had listed other cars with her before. She went missing after that time and Steven becomes the main suspect in what turns into a homicide investigation.

How coincidental is this? All of these secrets start to come out about the mishandling of the Avery trial within the department and on top of that a pending $36,000,000 lawsuit is looming and this lady just so happens to be missing…after meeting with Avery.

Come. On. This cannot be real!

Surely the timelines are made to look this close and suspicious, right? I rewind just to make sure.

Nope. This is exactly the time frames in which all of this happens.
October 11, 2005 Lenk and Sandy Morris are deposed.
October 13, 2005 Sgt Colborn, Judy Dvorak, and Sheriff Peterson are deposed.
October 26, 2005 Eugene Kusche is deposed.
October 31, 2005 Teresa Halbach is last seen.
November 1, 2005 The Avery Bill passes the state legislature.
November 3, 2005 Teresa Halbach is reported missing.

The police do an aerial investigation on the Avery property looking for the car. A salvage yard. What an obvious place to hide a car, right? If Avery did this why in the hell would he hide the car on his own property?? I mean, I know the guy is not that quick, but he doesn’t appear to be that dumb either. As I sit here waiting for them to find this car, something tells me they are going to find it somewhere on this property. It’s just way too obvious.

Here we go. A lady just found a RAV 4 and gives the dispatcher the VIN number but doesn’t want to say where she is until the dispatcher confirms that this is the car. Duh! Of course it’s the car. But where is the body?? The Columet police department is handling the investigation and are not calling Steven a suspect yet. A news reporter just asks Steven if he thinks his brothers had anything to do with this, Steven says no. But he also points out that anyone has access to their road. It is a 40 acre lot, how in the fuck is he supposed to know who is on it 100% of the time?? At this point, I’m wondering why the fuck Steven’s lawyers never advised him and his family to get the fuck outta dodge while this was lawsuit was pending.

Enter Ken Kratz. I don’t like him already and he hasn’t even said much. He just seems smarmy to me. Like he may or may not have animal porn stashed away on Hello Kitty jump drive that he keeps in his basement. He is there in the capacity of a special prosecutor called in by the DA Roeher. Even though he’s brought in so there is no appearance of conflict, he appears to already know that there will be a guilty verdict.

Avery knew that they would be investigating his home. You mean to tell me he left evidence just laying around the house from October 31st through November the 4th?? And the only thing he could think to do was hide the car in the back of the damn salvage yard? If they find anything, I am automatically going to think it’s a set up. I don’t care. Unless Jesus or Teresa Halbach tells me otherwise, this whole thing is a fucking sham.

Now Steven is crying and then they flash to a vigil for Teresa. Her brother is weird to me. I don’t know why.

Annnndd they have found human remains on the property along with her keys in Steven’s bedroom.  Big surprise. It has now been classified as a homicide investigation, and Sheriff  Pagel and Kratz make a point to say there is only 1 victim in this case. Ha!

Now they have Steven in custody. I am sitting here watching this interrogation in utter disbelief. Weiger and Fassbender aka Dick and Douche. They are asking all of these obvious questions that can easily be answered by a simple answer “…because I have been framed.”

This Kratz dude is a fucking asshole. I do not like him all. He is acting like it so far fetched that Avery could have framed after everything that has culminated. He is entirely too sure of himself and quick to call the speculation ridiculous. Is it though??

Let’s  look at what we’ve learned so far:

  • Steven Avery was convicted of an assault and rape that he did not commit because some folks in the sheriff’s department did not like him or his family.
  • These same people, the people that are sworn to protect serve, and uphold the law also knew that other people knew of Avery’s innocence and STILL said nothing and let him rot in prison.
  • Once Avery is finally exonerated by DNA, there is a push to investigate the county and all of it’s cases and officials PLUS there is  pending $36,000,000 law suit and $450,000 that the state is going to pay out because of this massive fuck up.

The worst  thing we know about Steven is that he possibly set a cat on fire back when he was 20, and while that may be the beginnings of a murder career, he has never done anything like this or even close to this since. From what we know, he didn’t even get into trouble in prison where he sat for 18 years never admitting guilt. It can be said that someone smart enough not to admit guilt could be smart enough play dumb, no? Think about it… he knew not to say that he did it, because he understood just how serious the charges were. Now, he can use what happened in his past as a story to make him look innocent, “look guys they’re trying to frame me again!” But I don’t buy that. Someone smart enough to know that you have a sympathy card should be smart enough to know to dispose of evidence, no? Master manipulators are usually very calculated, this was very sloppy and fucking obvious. It was not planned by someone who knows how to use people.





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