Black Peeples Awards 2015 Full post


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Umbrella Ella Ella Ay Ay Ay Award- Shadiest people of 2015
50 Cent because he loves beef!
vs Vivica
vs Rick Ross
vs Diddy
vs Empire
vs his own child

Jackee Harry because she is the shadiest of the shady and doesn’t care.

The time she threw shade at Iggy
She threw shade at Keyshia Cole
She threw shade at Mya
She threw shade at Vivica, 50, yo mama, and your cousin too

Woody Allen Award -Most likely to be on To Catch a Predator

This Nigga Here! Award- Most likely to say something ignit

Because she’s inter inter continental
Because she won’t hire you, Laqueshandra
Because she isn’t here for Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill
Because everyone should be able to use the N word
Because she missed the original cast of The Wiz, THE MOVIE!

And so many more reasons, we just don’t have the time to document it all!

Most Like To Have Been Held Back in Homeroom
Tyrese Gibson

He can’t spell.
He cannot punctuate.
He cannot form a complete sentence.
He types in hash tags.

Pop Off Son Award- Most likely to get into an argument/brawl with their ex-husband/ex wife at your cousin’s wedding

Jennifer Lewis

Because she is everybody’s aunty in their heads.

That time she and Josh Gad cussed each other out… in her own voice

Samuel L Jackson
Because he wears Kangols and says ‘Mutherfucker’ like a muthafucking boss!

Sub Tweeter and Wolfer Awards- Most likely to be on social media sub tweeting and selling wolf tickets

Meek Mill
Azelia Banks

The Wilona Woods award- Best dressed woman of 2015


Because she’s the adorable girl next door that slays the red carpet..and she’s only 19!
See all of her looks here

The Dapper Donte Award- Best dressed manof 2015

Kanye West

Even though his clothing line looks like Jedi couture and he himself dresses like Count Dooku, he is nominated yet again for The Most Stylish Man of 2015. People love what they love…we guess.
Check out all of his looks here.

Honorable Mentions for Best Dressed Man
Will Smith

Best Undressed Award- Most likely to be setting Instagram thirst traps

The Game eaka Meat Print Papi

He’s corny as fuck and his hash tags are even worse….but that eggplant tho…


She’s always been the cute round the way girl, but as she’s grown up she has become a smoking hot babe! What was Nelly thinking????


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