New Rules Thanksgiving Edition

As the Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching (literally tomorrow, we are on CPT so don’t judge us), we would like to share with you a comprehensive list of behaviors and unwritten rules to follow so that your Thanksgiving, and ours, can be as optimal as possible.

#DontInviteMeForThanksgivingIf List can not only be applied at Thanksgiving time, but really, any time you have guests that you want to feel welcome and want to have a good time. Hailed in Black Peeple Magazine as THE GO TO holiday guide (don’t google that), #DontInviteMeOverForThanksgivingIf List is a gift from the Unscripted Podcast family to yours.

Listen. Write it down. Be about it.

Also, email us and tell us what we’ve missed, what was spot on, and about your best or worse holiday gathering experiences.
We’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you all for listening, and may you and your family have an extraordinary Thanksgiving!


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