Bi weekly, we will feature 2 special guests who will test their knowledge on topics such as music, sports, television, movies, and much more for Unscripted Trivia Cast.

This week we have 2 special contestants and guests, Darryl from Straight Outta Lo Cash and Joe.

We have no clue who won the trivia match this week but we did have great conversations and a load of laughs.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties and sound quality issues, as a special bonus we included a guide to navigate you through the madness:)


We would like to hear from you! What are some songs you consider classics? How do you determine what makes a song a classic? Do you pop molly’s or drink dirty Sprite’s? What exactly was in Flava Flav’s baby bottle???

This was a great conversation and we want to keep it going!!


If you are interested in being a contestant for Unscripted Triviacast please see our contact information below. We would love to hear from you!

NCIS “Forced Entry”
Boxer Goes Pound For Pound in Gay Porn

Prince and Boy George?

Candy Carson Snatchin Wigs

Austin River’s In The Face!

Do The White Thing

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