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Best R&B/Rap collaborations Spotify playlist
Lindsey, Lish ,and Teddy discuss their favorite  R & B/Rap collaborations, jheri curls vs konks, unintelligible rap lyrics, light skinned rap beef,  and Teddy’s inability to post a podcast within the last 8 months. Also listen as Teddy feels the pains in being on a podcast with all females, and it’s hilarious!
Also we’d like to hear from you!
Tweet us or email us and let us know some of your favorite R & B/Rap collaborations and vote for which movie you think is best 5 Heartbeats or Straight Outta Compton.
Teddy has so graciously created us yet another bad ass playlist
Be sure to check that out!
For your reading and listening pleasure:
Ice Cube vs Common Rap Beef
I See the Bitch in Yoo
From Common to Drake diss track

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